Bridging the gap between the Church in the States and South Asia, yielding a greater harvest for Christ.


By God’s providence, Harvest Bridge’s founder Dr. Tim Mech and Pastor Jairaj* met in Chennai, India in 2007. Noticing Pastor Jairaj and his coworkers had very effective ministries among the poor in spite of serious material constrains, Mech realized that assisting local ministries would be a highly effective model of ministry. He initially attempted to connect his Indian partners with existing mission organizations, but he found this wasn’t feasible because poorer Asian missionaries lack the requisite English skills, western accounting standards, and/or projects of sufficient scale. He realized that these barriers could be overcome by creating a network of small Asian ministries with English-speaking regional coordinators, so that resources and needs could be combined and shared. In 2008, Mech and Pastor Jairaj implemented this strategy, giving birth to Harvest Bridge.
Now, we come alongside men and women who demonstrate and share the Gospel in many of the most impoverished and persecuted places in the world
In 2023 alone, through our network of about 260 pastors and missionaries in six countries, 2,200 men and women made earnest commitments to follow Jesus. More than 700 pastors and church leaders received ministry and theological training. 420 children received access to education, while 56 women and men were provided funding for small business development or vocational training. Over 2,600 people received medical care through clinics and operations, and roughly 6,600 families – over 33,300 men, women, and children  – received life-saving disaster relief through emergency responses led by our local leaders. 


Nepal & Tibet

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Andaman Islands

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We have one goal: To come alongside local ministries in South Asia and Myanmar.

Harvest Bridge does not create local ministries, but equips ministries that already have proven themselves to be effective. We join our brothers and sisters who have done much with little.

Local country leaders identify those who are doing the hard, often thankless, unpublicized work of reaching their villages and cities with the love of Jesus. In many ways, we act as a bridge between South Asian ministries and the western church, including other nonprofits and individual supporters. This bridge is needed because wise, effective, experienced missionaries often do not receive needed support or training because they don’t speak English, or because they serve too small a demographic, or because they are not equipped to articulate the importance of their work. 

We believe that local ministries should and can be self-sufficient. We also recognize that some missionaries operate under extremely adverse conditions and can accomplish much more with some help. 

These men and women not only know their communities best – they also know what it means to give up everything to follow Jesus, and they can affirm that He is worth it. We help them accomplish their goals. 


Gypsy & Tribal Empowerment

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Hope Through Education & Family/Child Sponsorship

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Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation

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Pastor & Missionary Sponsorship

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Pastor Training

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Women's Empowerment & Social Enterprise

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