Nepal & Tibet

Nepal is the beautiful home of Mount Everest! It also borders Tibet, where we support ministry in the border region. With a population of 30 million, Nepal has the distinction of being one of the few countries in the region never to be colonized. As such, it has maintained a rich cultural history, despite being landlocked by the two most populous countries in the world – India and China. It even has its own calendar, the Vikrami, which is a historical Hindu calendar. While it’s the 2020s for most of the world, it’s the 2070s in Nepal.
Until 2008, Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world. In recent years, the church in Nepal has become one of the top ten fastest-growing in the world. 
Using The Timothy Initiative’s teaching materials, our partners have trained several thousand lay church leaders. The 58 men and women we support are spread throughout the country, and primarily in mountainous areas. Pastor training and disaster relief have been key areas of focus, with several recent projects also focused on women’s empowerment, children’s education, and community savings groups.
In 2021, about 870 families with critical food insecurity due to Covid-19 lockdowns received food supplies, and the families of more than 50 pastors who passed away from Covid received financial assistance. Another 75 people received relief supplies when their region was badly flooded. 300 children were provided with winter clothing, and 400 women participated in health camps. The pastors and missionaries started 9 churches and 32 house fellowships, with 500 individuals coming to faith in Christ and 85 being baptized. 20 of our local partners were provided with bicycles, to better facilitate their outreach efforts.

Capital: Kathmandu

Population: 30 million

Religion: Hindu 81.3%, Buddhist 9.0%, Muslim 4.4%, Christian 1.4%, Ethnic Religions and other 3.9%

Persecution Watch List Country Ranking: 48

Ministries: Pastor TrainingDisaster Relief

Leadership Information: The leader of our partners in Nepal and Tibet oversees a team that has planted over 80 churches in Nepal and 17 underground church gatherings in Tibet. He has been a leading coordinator of disaster relief efforts, especially after the April 2015 earthquake. He has also served in leadership with a large-scale seminary program for lay church leaders, in cooperation with several mission organizations.

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