Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation

Not only do our partners face natural disasters, violence, and political upheaval, they are ready to respond to these circumstances on behalf of others. When a disaster hits, our partners develop a plan to provide relief, and we supply financial resources through our emergency funds or grants from other organizations. Whether an earthquake in Nepal, flooding in Pakistan or a cyclone in India, or a global pandemic, our partners are dedicated to serving others. 

Our relief efforts typically provide emergency assistance to the hardest-hit areas and most overlooked groups, with the goal of helping families get back on their feet and resume healthy lives. Our partners also train communities to prepare effectively for future disasters. In 2020, in the face of both COVID-19 food shortages and severe flooding, over 4,280 families – about 21,400 men, women, and children received between one week’s and one month’s worth of food and personal protective supplies through distribution led by our local leaders. 

Through disaster relief and preparedness projects, we have seen age-old ethnic prejudices subside and sometimes disappear. Relief efforts have also fostered goodwill in many communities, opening doors wide for the Gospel.

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Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation

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