Board of Directors

Board of Directors

George Van Pelt Campbell, Ph.D. (Secretary)Van is an experienced pastor, author and professor at Grove City College. He has authored five books for Harvest Bridge’s pastor education programs, and he travels periodically to South Asia to teach and train local leaders.
Austin Everett, CPA (Treasurer)Austin is a Senior Associate in the Assurance and Advisory Group at Grossman Yanak & Ford LLP, a Pittsburgh, PA-based public accounting and consulting firm. He serves clients in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, real estate, technology and nonprofit. He is passionate about bringing faithful Christian witness to the marketplace.
Evan FeinbergEvan is an experienced leader in nonprofit management and social welfare causes. He is currently the Executive Director of Stand Together, which works to alleviate poverty and transform communities by supporting and equipping catalysts for social change. He previously served as the president of Generation Opportunity, a Millennial advocacy organization, and in various roles on Capitol Hill. Evan and his wife, Sarah, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, are active in their northern Virginia community and serve as hosts to an Afghan refugee family.
Cliff Hovis (Board Chair)Cliff is President of Hovis Auto Supply, Inc., a family-owned chain of auto parts stores which he runs with his brother and business partner. He serves on several boards of automotive organizations, and has received numerous awards for his contributions to the auto care industry. A graduate of Grove City College, Cliff has served at the college and its Entrepreneurship Department in various capacities. He has also played an active role in his local Boy Scout Council.
Karen TuttleKaren has served with the Jesus Film Project (a ministry of Cru) for over 10 years. She has traveled widely in Asia, Africa, and Europe to help record audio for new languages of the Jesus Film, and she spent a year living and teaching English in East Africa. She is currently the Intern Coordinator for JFP. In this role, she helps develop the next generation of JFP staff and interns.
Katrina Wolinksi, MAKatrina was a Director at Cardiff Software and is currently a board member of Trans-African Educational Network. She has expertise in software design, technical writing, and management.
Jieun Lee, Mdiv, M.EdJieun Lee serves as a Director of Savings Group Partnership at HOPE International. In her role, she leads a team of global consultants who support missionally-aligned partners to integrate and launch savings groups. In addition to 12 years of experience in international ministry, Jieun has an M.Ed in international education policy and management from Vanderbilt, a ThM and an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Former Board Chairs

Dr. Timothy Mech (Founder and former Harvest Bridge President and Board Chair from 2009 to 2019)Harvest Bridge’s founder is Tim Mech, a retired (as of 2017) professor at Grove City College (GCC) in the Entrepreneurship Department. His specialty is social entrepreneurship. The dreams Tim pursues are ideas for alleviating suffering and extending God’s kingdom.
Kim Garrett (Former Board Chair from 2020 through 2022)Kim founded the natural skincare brand, Rooted Beauty, which supported the start of Harvest Bridge’s women’s empowerment program and was acquired by Seventh Generation. As the Rooted Beauty Brand Manager, she led the brand at Seventh Generation until it was acquired by Unilever and Grove Collaborative. Currently, she is a business consultant through both the University of Pittsburgh and her private practice Better Made Brands. 
For privacy and safety reasons, we do not share our staff or Board’s contact information on our website. However, if you would like to speak with any of our staff or the above leaders directly, email [email protected] for their contact information.

Asia Leaders 

For security reasons, names of our Asia leaders have been withheld.

Asia Director & India CoordinatorOur Asia Director oversees HB’s network of partners in several countries. For over 40 years, he has helped plant dozens of churches and has led pastor training and discipleship programs throughout South Asia.
BangladeshOur leader in Bangladesh is the founder of a local mission organization that planted 29 churches and baptized over 3,200 new followers of Jesus in just seven years. He has served in leadership with several other international NGOs, gaining experience in missions and finance.
BhutanWorking amid substantial opposition, our Bhutan coordinator leads a network of missionaries who have planted 11 branch churches and over 40 house churches throughout the country.
Myanmar (Burma)Our two Myanmar leaders oversee church planting teams in five regions of the country, including areas affected by long-running civil war. In addition to planting dozens of churches among unreached people groups, they have established two orphanages and an organization that advances the well-being of tribal people.
Nepal & TibetThe leader of our partners in Nepal and Tibet oversees a team that has planted 70 churches in Nepal and 17 underground church gatherings in Tibet. He has been a leading coordinator of disaster relief efforts, especially after the April 2015 earthquake. He also serves in leadership with a large-scale seminary program for lay church leaders, in cooperation with several mission organizations.

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