In this small, mostly mountainous Buddhist kingdom of less than one million people in the Himalayas, we join hands with 27 pastors and missionaries. If Bhutan is known for anything, it may be that they are the only country in the world to officially measure national happiness. The index, known as Gross National Happiness (GNH), has a greater emphasis in the country than GDP does. However, depression and suicide are common.  

The men and women we support focus on sharing the Gospel in their own villages and cities, as well as traveling to even more remote parts of the country to bear witness to Christ. There is a significant emphasis on counseling, sports ministry with young people, and drug & alcohol rehabilitation. Despite harsh pressure by the authorities aimed at limiting the growth of Christianity, our Bhutanese partners have seen many come to faith in recent years.

In 2022, 150 low-income families received several weeks’ worth of emergency food supplies to sustain them during Covid lockdowns, which continued until September in Bhutan. Partial rental costs were covered for a seminary we partner with, which trains missionaries to serve throughout the country. Four new house churches were planted, 30 church leaders received training, and 26 new believers were baptized.

Capital: Thimphu

Population: 868,000

Religion: Buddhist 84.3%, Hindu 11.3%, Christian 0.7%, ethnic religions and other 3.7%

Persecution Watch List Country Ranking: 40

Ministries: Pastor TrainingHope Through Education

Leadership Information: Working amid substantial opposition, our Bhutan coordinator oversees a network of missionaries who have planted 11 branch churches and over 40 house churches throughout the country.

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