From Child Bride to Mentor: Mia’s Story

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Mia* and her husband Puran*, minister in the capital city Bhutan, Thimphu. They work primarily with Nepalese and Sharchop people groups. Read Mia’s story of how she and her husband accepted Jesus Christ after their son was miraculously healed.

“I was born in a Hindu family. My parents were farmers in a remote village in Southern Bhutan. When I was a child, there were no schools, and girls in my area weren’t sent away to other schools, so I didn’t have the opportunity to attend school. Because of this, I got married to a Hindu man when I was 14. We had our first baby when I was 16. 

When our son was only 6 days old, he became very ill. We took every measure and even tried witchcraft, but he was getting worse. At that time, one lady shared with me that Jesus could heal our son. I told this to my husband and we went to a pastor and asked him to pray, and we vowed if our son would get well, we would commit our lives to Jesus. The pastor prayed and our son became well – he is still with us and has his own family with 2 children now. That is how we came to the Lord in 1984.

We came to the capital city of Thimphu in 1985. We were attending a church till 2009. Since the time I became a Christian I had this great desire to tell others about Jesus; those who are helpless and have no way out of their problems. I want to tell others about this great hope, just like the lady who told me about Jesus. After my children grew up I found time to go out and share this hope to others. Then we started a fellowship in our house in 2009. 

I know I am not educated, but God is using me to be a hope to some that I meet and share.

It is my desire to be able to bring 100 families to the Lord in the next 5 years, [by 2016].

I visit the sick and those helpless and discouraged who stay at home without work. I encourage them from the word of God and pray for them. I reach out to young people who are my children’s ages who have already started to work or are coming to Thimpu to find work in hotels and other places. I meet them and counsel them and tell them that Jesus cares for them and loves them. Evenings we meet at different homes for prayer and sharing.

The work began in 2009. We began fellowship and meetings at my house along with a few believers who had grown cold and stopped attending church. Slowly the attendance began to grow, as I visited homes and shared the love of Christ and prayed for the sick and more people came forward and accepted the Lord. By 2011 we were a group of 8 families; approximately 30 people.”

Since mid-2012 when we joined Mia in her work, she and her husband, Puran*, have seen 60 individuals turn to faith in Christ. Many more have heard the Gospel, and have become curious about this couple who cares about them and their children.

Mia and Puran have faced heavy persecution in this Buddhist and Hindu dominated country. Mia has asked for prayer because 

“Our Bhutan Government has announced that there should not be any gatherings on the road with more than two people. This is a major problem for street evangelism…New believers are threatened by the Hindus who say that their conversion will stop the benefits they receive from the Government of Bhutan. This gossip has disturbed the new believers.” 

She also asks prayer over the youth in her community; drugs have devastated many.

Thank you for your prayers and support! You are very much a part of Mia and Puran’s ministry!

*Names changed for safety


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