Bangladesh, a country bordered by India on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on its southern coast, is a country rarely discussed on the world stage. However, with about 170 million people, it is the eighth-most populous country in the world, the most densely populated non-city state, and the fourth most populous Muslim country. 

We come alongside 53 Bangladeshi men and women who are reaching their country with the love of Jesus. Often while facing persecution for their faith, they focus on education programs, disaster relief, child protection, anti-human trafficking work, evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. 

In 2022, 15 of these leaders received bicycles, two were gifted motorbikes, and 19 were provided tablets by the Jesus Film Project for use in showing gospel videos. Four of our partners together rescued 196 children from settings where they were in danger of being trafficked. Four church buildings were constructed and are being used for worship, adult literacy courses, children’s after-school tutoring, and other community development purposes.

1,000 families received winter blankets to assist them in coping with a severe wave of cold weather, and another 67 families were given food and hygiene packets following damaging flooding. 11 church leaders and/or members of their communities received assistance with their medical bills, and two missionaries’ families received protection assistance after being attacked and threatened by extremists.

16 children received monthly support, enabling them to continue living with their parents or grandparents instead of being forced by poverty into orphanages. Two communities had water tanks installed, benefitting more than 250 people. 7 churches were planted, 5 new church leaders were trained, and 418 new believers were baptized in 2022. 

Capital: Dhaka

Population: 170 million

Religion: Muslim 91.0%, Hindu 8.0%, Buddhist 0.6%, Christian 0.3%, other 0.1%

Persecution Watch List Country Ranking: 30

Ministries: Pastor TrainingChildren’s MinistryHope Through EducationDisaster Relief

Leadership Information: Our leader in Bangladesh is the founder of a local mission organization that has planted over 30 churches and baptized more than 4,000 new followers of Jesus since 2006. He has served in leadership with several other international NGOs, gaining experience in missions and finance.

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