Winter Disaster Relief

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January 2024

For many of us, cold weather means extra blankets on the bed, turning up the heater, and a cozy fire in the living room. But for the ministry leaders in South Asia, winter weather brings the challenge of supporting vulnerable communities as they brave the cold. With extremely cold temperatures in many of their communities, simple items like blankets and space heaters can be critical for survival.

As the cold weather came in, we started hearing from the ministry leaders:

“There is dry weather and severe cold here. Praying for relief of the cold.” Pastor Peter*

“Right now there are cold waves going on in North India. We are doing blanket distributions.” Pastor Suraj*

“It’s a dry harsh winter. We want to distribute blowers (heaters) and blankets in other areas. Keep us in your prayers.” Deborah*


The leaders are already distributing blankets to those in need, especially in rural areas that are often neglected. One leader, Pastor Joshua*, distributed blankets to prisoners in Odisha to help them get through the winter.

It is very cold, especially for the poor people living on the streets. They cannot afford blankets for each member of the family. With the availed funds we will purchase quality blankets and distribute them to 300 individuals among the poor and needy people living in the slums, villages and on the streets. We will distribute without any discrimination of faith, religion, caste and gender.” Pastor Suraj*


Bangladesh – Distributing 1800 blankets

“Greetings from Bangladesh. The severe cold has attacked all over the country and has been sweeping to hit the full North and South for a week. This cold has been harming the local people of Bangladesh as the temperatures went down today and it has been lingering. It is now below 7 Celsius. The poorest of our people are the victims of the cold. The elderly and children have been suffering and facing new diseases which are related to the cold. Also there is no room in hospitals for getting treatment. Some are staying in [huts with] mud or cement floors, causing another sickness. The government is not giving the attention to take care of the cold or taking any initiatives for prevention. It is a humanitarian need to stand beside the victims. I am going to visit the missionaries and get the full impact of the cold. Pray for Bangladesh.

In His great love, Darpan* and Rina*”

Northern India

“We are seeking guidance through prayer and analyzing the situation of all the people who need help. We then have to categorize them according to vulnerability and marginalization. The destitute will be served first, then the poor and needy. We plan to provide quilts, electric heaters, blankets and water bottles to 100 families.”


You can help! Please pray for those most vulnerable to the cold weather. The ministry leaders are currently sending in funding requests to continue to help their communities. Give to support their efforts by clicking on the button below.



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