Disaster Relief in Nepal

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December 2023

Dedicating our December newsletter to disaster relief in Nepal feels both reflective of the Christmas season and of this year as a whole. 

Even apart from a specific disaster, for those we support in South Asia & Myanmar, Christmas is a time of outreach as people are often more open to hearing about Jesus. Typically, that outreach is coupled with relief for the poor – food packets, blankets, clothing, etc. And this year, more than in any year past, we have been able to send extra funds for Christmas ministry (over $15,000), as well as relief programs throughout the year.

In a year where manmade and natural disasters seem ubiquitous, what I will remember is that because of your generous giving in the hands of our amazing South Asia & Myanmar leaders, we have had the ability to act! Just in the last few weeks we sent $8,400 for flood relief in India, helping more than 900 families. As our partners face impending bombing in Myanmar, we could send about $25,000 for them to prepare and to be used for inevitable emergencies over the next month. Without a doubt, this will save lives.

As I celebrate the gift that Jesus’ birth is to us, I also celebrate our ability to share Jesus’ love through word and deed! Thank you for being part of that. 

In Christ, 

Kate, Executive Director

The Earthquake

“In the Western Hilly district, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit in the night, several buildings collapsed. Hundreds are missing. We have some leaders and pastors in the area. All of them are safe but their houses are collapsed. So far they have found 148 dead bodies but many more may have been killed because the earthquake happened at night. People have lost food, clothes, bedding and supplies. They have no house so they are in the open air. This season is cold and in some areas snow is falling. The government has not done anything so far. Please pray.” ~ Pastor Shalva*, Nepal Country Director

The Response

On Friday, November 3, 2023 there was a large earthquake in Nepal. Our country leaders immediately began to respond. We received these reports from Pastor Shalva:

“Our partners are doing as much as we can. They are cooking two meals in a day and feeding the earthquake victims. We have been cooking for a week and each time there are more than 500 children, women and elderly. Thank you for the prayers. It is very urgent. Everyday the cold is increasing, and so far 11 people died. Among them one is a nursing mother with a baby and other children.”

Funds of $8000 were sent quickly to support their efforts. The Nepali leaders made a plan to provide food and warm clothes for children who were now exposed to the winter elements after damage to their homes. Their response was remarkably quick and far reaching. Within a week of receiving funds, this update was shared:

“Thank you for the earthquake disaster relief funds. We are buying and ordering the goods we will deliver to over 400 children. We quickly planned and bought the items from the market and quickly sent  them to the village. 

We have sent warm clothes for 426 children. We have sent nutritious food packages and water purification tablets. 

Today Jandi* has traveled with four volunteers for the distribution of goods to the victims. Please uphold Jandi and her team for a successful distribution and safety of their travel.” -Pastor Shalva*

The video above shows the team in Nepal preparing winter clothing to take to the children.

Give to Disaster Relief Today

Thank you for your generosity and support of the partners of Harvest Bridge.
We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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