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The military coup has escalated in recent weeks as the junta has implemented a forced conscription law, requiring young men and women to serve in the military. Those who resist can be imprisoned for up to five years, and their families can be arrested for the same length of time for trying to help them escape conscription. Below are the updates from one of our country directors, Pastor Pan*. You can read more about this unfolding situation in Myanmar here:

and here:

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Here is very bad news… Myanmar’s Junta is enforcing a law allowing the military to summon all men aged 18-35 and women aged 18-27 to serve for at least two years, it said on Saturday. Anyone who fails to serve can be sentenced for 5 years prison. This news made us [feel] more danger and we are so worried for that.

According to the news, today in [a certain] city, the troops arrested more than 40 young men and women and forced them to serve in the military. We are so afraid of that because this may continue, as the troops went house to house to check the family’s census here in our city. I think they will target both cities and villages. 

But more and more people will be against them by announcing this law. One of the alliance’s (anti-Junta) commanders said that Feb. 1, 2021 is the “beginning of their end and this new law is their conclusion.”

Monday, February 12, 2024

According to the news, about 25 young people were detained in our city and taken to the army base. I will update you as I learn more news. Thank you for your continued prayers!

Thursday, February 15, 2024

More and more young men were detained, including those under 18. It was very sad to learn that there [was] no news from the detainees and nobody knows where they were taken.

I believe that the same thing will happen at the India and Bangladesh borders [as has happened at the Thailand border with young people trying to escape]. Now also, from my church, many young men and women are fleeing over the border.

I just now learned that workers from one of the big tea shops (19 young men and women) were detained yesterday around 4 pm along with their boss. This tea shop is situated on a main road in my town and they were beaten very badly when they were detained, said some of the eye witnesses. The news said that there were around 50 troops. Now [it] is more dangerous and the way that they act is more wicked than before. I have not heard of any plans of the resistance so far. But I hope there must be plans by the PDF, though the news is not yet released.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Here is another shocking news which says, if anyone between the ages of 18-35 is leaving somewhere, the remaining family members would be sentenced for 5 years’ prison. They made this new law. Because many young men and women are trying to get out of our country. What they want is to force a huge amount of people under their dictatorship. Because they lose in many areas. More and more rebel groups joined the NUG and the PDF. It is very encouraging for us.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Because of the Junta’s forcibly conscripting the young men and young women for military service, many people have fled to India and Thailand as they continue to detain people throughout our country. We read in the news that they don’t care for students or the non-CDM (their own workers), and they are still detained. Some of them were released after 3 million MMK ($1,430) is paid, but those who couldn’t pay that money will be forced to serve in the military. They took advantage of this new law. But the Lord is so good to us and He kept us safe till today. We appreciate your continued prayers!

Heavy fighting occurred since 6:30 and it still continues. Pray for us!

The fighting took place again…

It sounds different from the past.

A lot from the military side. They launch as they like and they don’t care for the civilians.

For now the long range missiles and gunfires. We are afraid that the airstrike will take place.

For the continued long range missiles launching by the military, one family (three members) and two people have been killed and more than a dozen people have been injured in the downtown. 

Still launching the long range missiles. We are sheltering in our home.

What a sad day for our people it is….


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