Persevering Through August

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As Covid-19 is still ravaging many of the communities we come alongside, there is unparalleled endurance among our partners who are more motivated than ever to share the love of God.

Your immense support through our summer matching campaign, which received 130% of its target funding – a total of $69,000 given by you in a month – has allowed our leaders to continue to address ministry opportunities and desperate demands in their communities. Food distributions, medical clinics, and baptisms continue. Your kindness is continuing to make a difference in South Asia & Myanmar.

Please follow us on social media and check our prayer page for more detailed and regular updates! Below, we share a snapshot.

Baptism in northern India

In Myanmar, amidst Covid-19, the military coup continues to present stark challenges. Conflict between the military junta and civilians continues to increase.

According to the National Unity Government online meeting yesterday (Augst 17th), they are ready to announce shortly the D day (which means the civil war will begin). [Our town] is one of the main places where the Junta is camped. Everyday, more and more army arrive in [town] and every night there are guns shooting. I believe it [fighting] will come to the villages [when the civil war starts].

Pastor Pan*, Myanmar co-director
Delivery of oxygen concentrators to Myanmar

Despite the harrowing possibility of civil war in the country, some good news is Pastor Pan’s improving health. Early in August, Pan remarked:

“I am improving a lot but very slowly because of my blood sugar. I am still using the oxygen cylinder. My wife has been recovered and we need to pay for her medical expenses.”

Pastor Pan

On August 19, he was able to say his blood tests were good and he would continue to heal with breathing exercises.

Also in Myanmar, oxygen tanks were able to reach Pastor Thang*, Myanmar co-director, with your support. Sadly, his brother-in-law Pastor Suan*, one of the missionaries we support, passed away at the beginning of the month. Please pray for his wife Lwin* and their five children, along with the ministry and loved ones he leaves behind.

Pastor Suan

By God’s grace we are doing good now with all the children, in spite of all the sickness and my brother in law who went to the Lord because of Covid-19. I just bought 40 liters of oxygen through all your help, to help those who are really suffering and in need.

Pastor Thang

Priya* the leader of GATE (Gypsy and Tribal Empowerment) in southern India, has done many food distributions for those in need of immediate help due to Covid-19’s economic effects.

This summer, with your help, we were able to provide 7 gypsy colonies with food relief. The total number of families was around 1,300 helped. Each family has around 2-4 people in it. We delivered rice bags and also food relief packets which included multivitamin tablets, 5 masks, hand sanitizer, chili powder, oil, garlic, 2 types of dahl, salt, turmeric powder, wheat flour, cinnamon, and mustard – our everyday staples. Thank you and praise God for the funds you were able to send to us here, with which we were able to give help to these 7 gypsy colonies.

Women receive food at GATE distribution in southern India

In Rajasthan, India, regional leader Pastor Bharat* was able to start a tailoring school for women in the area. Learning these skills will be invaluable for the women who have dealt with enormous economic hardship due to Covid-19. It will also be a place where they can both share and hear the Gospel. Following the inauguration of the school on August 15th, he said:

Thank you for your love and prayers and support to us. Without all your support we would not be able to fulfill our vision.

Pastor Bharat
Inauguration day of tailoring center for women

In Bangladesh, country director Pastor Darpan* remarked on distributions to victims of Cyclone Yaas and COVID-19:

Greetings in Jesus name – As I appealed to you for [help during] the pestilence and demolishing of the people and called you to stand beside the COVID-19 and Yaas victims, you responded, feeling this crisis in your heart, and provided a big amount by the touch of the Holy Spirit. [Our organization] in Bangladesh was able to help/serve 14 different areas and the total number of families helped was 1,022. We were able to provide commodities including rice, pulses, oil, salt, potatoes, and soap. We praise God for these distributions.

Pastor Darpan
People praising the Lord for food relief in Bangladesh

Amidst the hardship, Christ is making beautiful things happen. Thank you for joining our brothers and sisters in Christ as they continue to endure, sharing and demonstrating the Gospel in word and deed.


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