Pastor & Missionary Sponsorship

Using our extensive network, Harvest Bridge identifies local missionaries who are doing ministry throughout South Asia. Whether they minister in a city of 20 million or a village of 100, the men and women we work with recognize the need for every person to hear the Gospel.

Many work among unreached people groups (UPGs). They know what it costs to follow Christ, and they can honestly tell their own people that following Jesus is worth it. That it is worth being beaten, worth being denied basic necessities, worth being rejected by family. That He is worth it.

Over 210 pastors and missionaries receive modest levels of monthly support through our efforts, not including grants we make for other ministry and persecution response purposes to dozens of other Christian leaders in the region. 

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Pastor & Missionary Sponsorship

Christmas for All

December’s newsletter is written by one of our Myanmar (Burma) directors, Pastor Than, whose name is changed for security. Pastor Than teaches at a seminary,

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Giving Diversely

When I began drawing a regular paycheck from my first full-time job, I was faced with the question of how to manage my charitable giving.

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Hope From Within

Last month, I was worshipping with pastors and missionaries in Sri Lanka in an area that had been devastated by the country’s 30-year civil war,

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