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Our Next Chapter

Tim M. ·

At the end of this year, I will complete my work at Harvest Bridge and retire, to write and speak about Christian ministry. This is not a change in plans, but something I intended to do from the beginning. 

In 2007, I received a clear calling to start and establish Harvest Bridge. Now, I have an equally clear leading to entrust Harvest Bridge with others to pursue this new direction. 

Thankfully, very little will change at Harvest Bridge because our key partners in Asia will remain the same, and our U.S. team is well prepared to lead.

My confidence in the future of Harvest Bridge is based on God’s faithfulness. Harvest Bridge began with the prayers of faithful, fruitful missionaries in Asia who had reached the limit to what they could accomplish on their own, and asked God for help. Today, these missionaries tell us that Harvest Bridge and its donors are the answer to their prayers.

Harvest Bridge exists for these dedicated Asian Christians, who otherwise could not communicate well with Western supporters because they lack the necessary knowledge of English, technical skills, and scale of projects. We tell their stories and connect them with the resources they need to reap the great harvest before them. 

These Asian missionaries – more than our US team – are the core of our organization. 

They are people like Derek – whom some of you met recently – who leads a team of 51 missionaries in Bangladesh that baptized about 900 new believers last year. They are people like James, who planted over 20 churches in India and was beaten for his faith before helping us start Harvest Bridge. They are people like Faith* in Pakistan, who started more than a dozen women’s Bible studies in Muslim homes. 

We are the bridge through which Western Christians can be inspired by and invest in the work of these and other outstanding builders of God’s kingdom.