The stories of two leaders in Northern India

April 2024

This month we are highlighting the stories of two ministry leaders, Azlan* and Priscilla*, who serve in Northern India!


By God’s grace, I do ministry among youth. The greatest answer to my prayer is the realization of God’s presence and guidance in my life, leading me closer to Him and shaping me into the person He intends me to be. I thank God for His great work in our lives.

I know a man who was living his life of crime and deceit. He had spent years as a skilled thief, stealing from others to support his own selfish desires. His heart was hardened, and he had little regard for the well-being of those he hurt through his actions. He was trapped in a cycle of sin and guilt, unable to break free from the darkness that consumed him. One day, out of curiosity, he decided to watch the Jesus Film. He had heard about Jesus from me, but had never truly understood the significance of His life and teachings. As he watched the portrayal of Jesus’ love, compassion, and sacrifice, something stirred within him. Despite his hardened heart, he found himself drawn to the character of Jesus and the message He preached. Through the film, he began to see himself reflected in the stories of those Jesus encountered – the lost, the broken, and the marginalized. He realized that, like them, he was in desperate need of redemption and forgiveness.

He was convicted of the wrongs he had committed and the pain he had caused others. In that moment, he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, asking for His forgiveness and mercy. He recognized that only through His grace he could find true freedom and transformation. As he embraced Jesus as his Lord and Savior, He felt the weight of his sins lifted from his shoulders, replaced by a sense of peace and hope he had never known before. From that day forward, his life took on new meaning and purpose. He turned away from a life of crime and began to seek reconciliation with those he had wronged. He sought to live in accordance with Jesus’ teachings, showing love and compassion to others instead of taking from them. Though the journey was not easy, He found strength and guidance in his newfound faith, knowing that Jesus was with him every step of the way. Today, he is a changed man – not because of anything he has done, but because of the transforming power of Jesus Christ. The Jesus Film was the catalyst for this transformation, opening his eyes to the reality of God’s love and grace. He is forever grateful for the day he watched that film and encountered the Savior who changed his life forever. 


During the last six months, I did many outreaches and had fasting prayers on Saturdays at my women’s fellowship. I was praying for my friend for the last many months, that she comes to know the true God. I wanted to share the incredible experience of her that I had recently. As a devoted Muslim woman, she has always held onto her faith dearly – but I must admit, she was curious when I invited her to watch a film about Jesus. As the film began, she found herself captivated by the story of Jesus’ life, teachings, and miracles. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and reverence as she watched His compassion, His wisdom, and His love for all people, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

But it wasn’t just His actions that touched her deeply; it was the way He spoke of God as His Father, with such intimacy and trust. It was His willingness to sacrifice Himself out of love for humanity, to offer forgiveness and redemption to those who sought it. As the film came to an end, she was overwhelmed with emotion. Tears filled her eyes as she realized that she had encountered something truly divine. In that moment, she felt a stirring in her heart, a longing to know more about this Jesus who had touched her so profoundly. Since then, she has been reading the Gospels, eager to learn more about the life and teachings of Jesus.

She has been praying earnestly, seeking guidance and understanding from the God whom Jesus called Father. She doesn’t know where this journey will lead her, but she does know that she is forever changed. She is filled with a newfound sense of hope, peace, and joy that she has never known before. For that, she is eternally grateful. She is thankful she was invited to watch that film. It has been a catalyst for a spiritual awakening in her life, and I am excited to see where God will lead her next.

Please pray that God will fulfill my and my daughter’s need and provide me a small house where I can live and do worship freely.
Please also pray that I can get more and more social projects, by which I can reach to the women and kids.
May God use me more and more to build His Kingdom.
I am praying and would like to start a daycare center where I can give free education and one small meal every day to the needy children. Through this, I can do the ministry among children also.