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Through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, read prayer requests and updates directly from our South Asian leaders. You can give to COVID-19 relief here


May 10th: 

Pastor Suraj*, India

Warm Greetings to you in Jesus’ glorious name!

Thanks a lot for your prayers and concerns! By God’s grace we are keeping well and safe during this pandemic and widespread disease. Please pray as the COVID cases are rapidly increasing in India and in our state Bihar as well. It is an emergency and horrific situation here.

As per, 10 May 2021, in the last 24 hours India reports 366,317 new cases with 3747 deaths in one day only.

Our Bihar state reports altogether 113,945 active COVID cases and in just last 24 hours, 11259 new cases added, with 67 deaths, in our city 1646 new cases with 25 deaths in one day. The Government has therefore already enforced total lockdown in Bihar for the last one month. The roads which used to be crowded with people and cars are now empty. Many of our church members, known pastors, neighbours and friends are also positive and suffering and even many died.

There is a shortage of beds in hospitals. Many patients are being denied of admission. There is shortage of oxygen, medicine, kits etc. Even many of doctors and nurses are positive. Doctors and medical staffs are in great stress and even those in administration. Till now only 2% people of India got vaccinated due to vast population. Most of the people cannot afford the hospital expenses and so thousands of people are dying due to lack of medical care. There are long queues at cremation centers. The dead bodies are even not getting proper funerals.   

The recent super spread happened due to negligence of government, religious gatherings of thousands of people at Kumbh Mela, election & campaigning, migration of laborers to home state, Illiteracy and unawareness of villagers, non-preparedness of administrations and now due to crowds at vaccination centers.

The people are in great turmoil. Many people have lost their jobs and works. People are facing financial crisis and poverty. Many earlier middle-class families have come down to poor level. The number of poor people increased to 75 million new poor people during this pandemic. Everything is getting costlier. Beside the pandemic, the people are also facing hunger, economic crisis, debt, unemployment, depression and suicide. India is getting down from a developing country to a poor country. This is also due to improper economic distributions.

Everybody is suffering including church, pastors, village workers and believers. The city churches are somehow managing their virtual services through ZOOM, YouTube, Facebook etc. but the village churches are not able to meet as they do not have computers and even phones and thus are struggling in their faith life.

In last one year, many churches being conducted in rented halls were closed down as they could not afford them. In the last year, millions of children were dropped out of school as they could not afford it or had no resources for online classes. Children are therefore losing interest in studies. Home conflicts have increased in stress. Fear and nightmares are holding people.

On the basis of given information on India COVID situation, I am herewith giving you prayer points to pray and intercede –

1. Please pray that God will show His grace and mercy to stop this pandemic and COVID-19 disease totally and restore the life of people in India.

2. Pray and claim the great name of God Jehovah Rapha over India that He may heal this land and wash away the sins of people and restore the physical, mental and spiritual health of the people. Pray for those who are positive now and suffering in hospital or at home for their healing and for the protection of their family members.

3. Pray that there be proper arrangements for funerals or cremation of the dead bodies and pray for the bereaved and shocked family members. In some families only one or two children left like orphans. Please pray and claim the great name of God Jehovah Shalom over them to receive God’s peace and presence.

4. Pray for the government, ministers and administrative leaders that they may have fear of God and humble themselves to serve the people with God’s given wisdom and grace.

5. Pray for the frontline health workers – doctors, nurses, hospital staffs etc. that God may keep them safe and strengthen to serve. Hundreds of doctors died due to COVID in India and hundreds of nurses or staffs too. We also have some doctors and nurses in our church. Pray also for the police as they are also exposed.

6. Please pray as most of the people are facing financial crisis, debt, job loss, unemployment, business loss, poverty, hunger, not able to pay rents, became homeless, compelled to migrate back to their village from mega cities etc. Pray and claim the great name of God Jehovah Jireh over the country India and its people to see abundant provisions and breakthrough.

7. Please pray for churches and believers in India to stand strong in their faith upon the Lord Jesus Christ and to experience God’s power and provisions and to prepare themselves for His coming. Please pray as many pastors and village evangelists are suffering due to lockdown, no income and also with COVID. I am regularly getting calls for help.

8. Please pray for children as they are missing their schools and education as the village or poor children have no facilities of virtual studies. In this second wave even, children are becoming victims of COVID.

9. Please pray for our state Bihar which has been socio-economically very backward in India and needs a lot of prayers and support as well.

10. Give thanks to the Lord as many good things also happened during this pandemic like natural environment and seasons got better due to lockdown, better rains and water level getting higher, busy people spending more time with family, people are seeking for God, and many people are getting healed, I am regularly getting calls for prayers even from non-believers, proud leaders are humbled etc.

As there are great needs here and a lot of phone calls are coming for help, therefore, we are planning to conduct some relief programs like, distributions of food packets, dry food ration packets, sanitizing items etc., once the lockdown is over and situations get a bit better. Today we distributed by ourselves food packets to 20 people, a small help.

Thanks a lot for prayers! May God keep you all safe and meet all your own needs!”

Pastor Samuel*, India

“As India continues to fight against the second wave of COVID-19, in all earnestness let us keep praying for our nation that we will soon overcome this pandemic. And let us continue doing all we can to help the sick and suffering in this crisis.”

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

Dear beloveds,
Kindly pray for the following:
1. Sister. Uma* – suffering from continuous fever, body pain, sleepless for the last 5 days.
2. Sister. Rose* – suffering from Vericos problem, not able to stand and sit.
3. Brother. Munish, suffering from diabetes, weakness, etc.
4. Sister Pari*, wife of Pastor Samon* – Covid patient – breathing problem
5. Pastor Abhay* – Low oxygen and weakness”

May 8th:

Pastor Shalva*, Nepal

“You may know through social media that Covid-19 cases are increasing everyday. Nepal government has locked down the country for two weeks and we don’t think that it will be lifted up very soon, I expect it will go for minimum six to eight weeks. Last year government provided some relief to people but this time government is not planning to provide any food packages, so I would like to request you to pray for 300 families who need some relief for their survival. They are in more risk of hunger than Covid-19. I have no way. Please kindly remember these people in your prayers. I didn’t request you last year because government had given some food package but this year nothing is coming up for poor people. This is my humble request. We may need to supply at least $35 equal food package to each family. Thanking you so much for all you have done for us.

Jandi* [Shalva’s wife] is still suffering, she has a headache, body pain, light fever about 100, but no coughing. We have not approached hospital because hospitals are packed with Covid-19 cases. If we go we will not get good treatment, rather we will be more affected so Jandi is having treatment at home. Please pray for Jandi’s recovery soon.”

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

“Here I am writing some prayer points that this second wave of Corona has shaken whole India along with Kashmir. And our fellowship people are struggling with that need. If you can sanction food items, we will be most thankful to you.”

May 5th:

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

“Urgent Prayer Request: Sister Pari*, wife of Pastor Samson* (one of our missionaries) was admitted in hospital due to breathing problem. Kindly uphold her in your prayers.”

May 3rd:

Pastor Jairaj*, India

We are safe by the grace. Please find some help. Here medicines are not available. 

May 1st:

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

Government on Saturday extended till May 6 the corona curfew in four districts, including Srinagar and Jammu, amid continuing surge in the covid-19 cases…

The Jammu and Kashmir Union territory on Saturday witnessed 47 deaths due to Covid pandemic while 3,832 fresh positive cases were also reported, taking the number of total active cases to 28359. The 47 deaths includes a retired doctor, who tested positive a few days ago. Today figure of mortality and fresh positive cases is highest ever since the outbreak of pandemic in J&K last year.

April 29th:

Pastor Joshua*, India

Now India, including Odisha, is facing the second wave of coronavirus. Yesterday more than 8000 people were with positive report of coronavirus; death rate is also increasing. Doctors report that in the month of May the second wave of coronavirus will be at its peak. Oxygen for ventilator patients are lacking. Please pray for healing of the people of India and the world, thank you.

April 28th:

Forward by Pastor Samuel*, India

URGENT PRAY REQUEST – India is in the midst of a devastating second COVID-19 wave, it’s worst ever health crisis, with so many people dying of infections daily. I urge everyone to earnestly pray for our nation and seek God’s intervention to save the country from the spreading pandemic. We need to pray for all those suffering, for the healthcare systems and professionals, essential workers, more vaccines, and especially for the government at the centre and the states as they are working towards the mitigation of this pandemic and saving as many precious lives as they can.

I’m also worried that if things don’t improve, the economic problems that occurred last year may repeat – migrant workers, loss of jobs, starvation, etc. Let us keep praying to the Lord to have mercy on our land as we fight back this second wave of Covid-19. As India battles the alarming second wave of the pandemic, I just want to remind that keep interceding for our country. God has not forsaken us. He will deliver us. Let our people not loose heart. We will get through this together!

Pastor Joshua*, India

Thank you for your prayers for Odisha and our nation India. From the month of April once again we are facing the problem of coronavirus. Government of Odisha has declared shutdown on weekends, so we are not able to gather for prayers. But at the same time government is vaccinating the people; I also got vaccinated. We are also praying for India and all the countries of the world.

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

Daily 50 new cases are coming and in eight places containment zone have been made and transportation was limited as of today. But planning to impose more restrictions in the coming days. As of today 140 cases in the hospital.

April 26th: 

Priya*, India

Please pray for us. Past three days (starting April 26th) we all are attacked with fever. All of my family members [two teenage sons, father & mother].

April 24th:

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

Dear prayer partners in Christ. As lockdown is increased in many places in Kashmir. New cases are coming day by day, I kindly request and pray for the need of food relief to our people. As we are thankful you gave timely help in the time of pain and sorrow.

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

Dear beloveds, due to covid surge in India, as well in Islands, govt. brought the restrictions to stop all congregations from today. So, we can’t conduct the Sunday service in the churches. Kindly pray! Many pastors and believers died from the mainland due to covid and affected many. 

April 23rd:

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Greetings in His precious Jesus’ name and thanks to all for remembering Bangladesh for your everyday prayers as we are still safe, though it is spreading much. Yesterday, one of the renowned Christian professors of Dhaka University, died by attack of Covid-19, and also a Christian woman died by COVID-19 yesterday. So, it is a very terrible situation in cities, and side by side remote areas. So, a prayer is the main way to reach the Lord who can save us as the COVID-19 is roaring to attack every time.

April 22nd:

Pastor Samuel*, India

Due to the pandemic situation, all the work has been stopped and it is very difficult to get any work. A few of our church’s poor labourer believers have been struggling/waiting to get a job since a long time, but no one has offered any work. My entire church/family is worried thinking about the situation and how these people are going to survive without a job, food, medicine, and all others basic needs.

Last time a few people among them attended a relief program (distributed dry rations) organized by you and our partners. This program was organized to help families during the ongoing pandemic. 40 families to received dry food rations.⠀

My heart is broken for these people, desperate for food. Still there are a lot of people on our phone calling me because they need help, care & prayer, along with providing relief to those greatest affected by the lockdown. I consider this as a huge opportunity for the church to show Christ’s love in word and deed. Thank you for helping us be the hands and feet of Christ.

April 14th:

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

Dear partners, I once again want to remind and bring to your notice that Covid phase 2nd has started and this phase is more dangerous and there is a great panic among the poor families in Kashmir. Government has been imposing many restrictions on the common people on the eve of COVID-19 second phase. Many poor people who work night time shifts – laborers, vendors, small fruit and vegetable sellers – are the first and worst victims of these restrictions. Most of the people even don’t have three times food to eat. As most of you, our respected prayer partners helped our Kashmiri people during COVID-19 phase 1 and many families were benefited out of that help, I therefore request and pray your good self to kindly help the poor and needy people as soon as possible. We hope and pray for the help of needy and poor on your part.

April 12th: 

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

We are passing normal lockdown because the Coronavirus has spreading much and attacking very many, and some are dying. Bangladesh govt. has taken a very strong decision today that from 14th April to 21st April, there will be a hard lockdown like curfew. The whole Bangladesh will be lockdown and Bangladesh is going to face a big and very hard problem. A lot of people of Christian community have been attacked by the virus and are dying. Pray for Bangladesh. I don’t know what is going to happened in the future soon. Police and army will take care of the lockdown and the situation is very worse now, and the future…we don’t know. Please pray for Bangladesh.


November 11th: 

Pastor Pan*, Myanmar (Burma)

Pray for the election in our country. There are many problems taking place with the Military Junta not accepting the outcome of the election. Pray that there is no problem, so that the Junta does not win for another five years. Pray for Aung San Suu Kyi’s leadership. 

Pray for COVID-19 cases. Pray for protections over me and my wife and the children (our own children and our orphanage children). Pray that the virus does not touch our home. I just received news that two more people in my church have been taken to the hospital for COVID-19 quarantine. Now seven of my church members are in the hospital for quarantine. Some people are serious. All are in their 30s and 40s. 

November 10th:

Pastor Suraj*, India

My friend Pastor Devesh died today because of COVID-19. His wife is still sick. He had three daughters. Please pray. 

November 9th:

Pastor Suraj*, India

Pray for outcome of our elections in Bihar. Tomorrow we will find out the results and I will be praying and fasting.  Pray as a regional festival, Chhath, to worship the Sun God, happens on November 20th. 

The virus is spreading quickly because of elections and festivals. It is spreading quickly because politicians were gathering people to speak. No one was using any masks. Pray for the increasing number of cases of COVID-19. Medical help is a huge need for people, not only food. 

Several pastors have gotten COVID-19. My friend Devesh is very sick and near death. His wife is sick too. He has three daughters. I was exposed to COVID-19 through him. 

Crops have been washed away, and the cost of basic items has increased. December is coming, so we want to do Bible distributions of 400-500 Bibles. People are open to the Gospel in the Christmas month. Pray for all these things. 

November 7th:

Priya*, India

Pray for my oldest son to finish this year of school. Pray for his future, as he wants to go abroad for his MBA. Pray for his health. 

Pray for all the busy work going on. We need to be careful with COVID-19 spreading. Pray as I cannot avoid being touched by everyone in the communities I work. Pray for the women who have gotten COVID-19 and have died in my Gypsy and Tribal communities. My friend died a couple days ago. 

November 6th:

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

In this time of changing seasons, we are seeing increase of many diseases, including COVID-19. People are concerned about the future. They need a vaccine. Our missionary Nirmola caught COVID-19, and so did everyone in her family. They were in the hospital for 28 days, and now they are COVID-19 free. They were not very sick, but they were in quarantine. 

Tonight a night program is going on in Rajshahi. People come after their dinner to hear the word of God. The village leaders have invited the missionaries to come and share. 

We have been emphasizing that COVID-19 is not a matter of joke. It can spread to the whole family. We are teaching them how to wash their hands. In all of the areas of ministry in the country, we are teaching hygiene lessons. Pray for this. 

Six missionaries all try to go to slum areas to continue their work in stopping human trafficking. Other missionaries are also working with kids to encourage the children not to go away from their home during lockdown. The kids are missing out on guidance from their teachers with no school. So the missionaries are taking care of the children by gathering them and teaching them. They are sharing the Gospel. They are teaching the children and slum dwellers about COVID-19 and how to stay safe. Pray for this. 

November 2nd: 

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

Pray as Christmas is nearing, that we can conduct children’s programs.

Pray for proper toilets in the church. It is hard for people coming to the church to not have a good toilet. 

October 11th:

Pastor Suraj*, India

Pray for a mother and daughter in our church who are both in hospital for COVID-19. The mother is in her early 40s and her daughter is seven. 

October 6th: 

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

Pray for all the pastors. Praise God for doors opening for the Gospel during this time of COVID-19. Pray for God to continue to open more doors so that more people will join the church. 

Pray for my family and wife, as my father in law died of coronavirus at the end of August. 

Sukeena*, Sri Lanka

Thank you so much for your prayers. Now Covid-19’s second wave has started. Some districts have lockdown. Please pray for my country.

October 5th:

Pastor Jairaj*, India

Please pray for Sai*, our missionary. He is affected by coronavirus and admitted in the hospital. His condition is not so serious, as he can still breathe on his own. With great restrictions, I talked to him and prayed by phone yesterday. 

October 4th:

Sadun*, Sri Lanka

Thank you very much for all your prayers. Yesterday my dad was discharged from hospital. Though he is discharged he is not 100% fit, he is on medicine and needs to rest. So please continue to uphold him in your prayers. Thank you very much. This happened once about three months ago, but this time it was worse. He must not travel or speak too much and needs to rest a lot. Thanks for all your prayers and love. 

October 3rd: 

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

By the grace of God, we had a good time teaching Bible class to our young leaders.

October 2nd: 

Sadun*, Sri Lanka

Yesterday evening when I came, the ward doctor came for checkup round and they tested [my father’s] blood sugar levels – it was 370. And the pressure also was a bit high. 

Tomorrow morning the cardiologist who checked him is visiting the ward. So I am going at that time to the hospital and will update you with the details. Thank you very much for your prayers. 

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

Dear prayer partners in Christ: tomorrow we are going to start full day Bible study for our team leaders. Keep in your prayers. May God bless.

October 1st: 

Sadun*, Sri Lanka

My dad, Rev. Samadith* was admitted last night in the hospital. Thursday evening he was struggling to breathe – he was not at all well. So we took him to the nearby small clinic. The doctor took the ECG and asked us to take him immediately to another hospital in the capital. So I took him. He took an echo test and they asked us to immediately take him to another hospital again, where they admitted him at the cardiologist section, as his heart beat is below 20 BPM. 

Now he is in the CCU 24-hour care. With this situation where we don’t know what to do, we are trusting God 100%. Very sad. PLEASE PRAY.

September 30th:

Pastor Sanjiv*, India

Dear Praying Friends, on behalf of our family, I would like to say a very special word of thanks to each of you that have been praying for our family through this season in our lives. God’s grace is the thing that we have needed the very most through this experience, and His grace has been poured out upon us in a way that we have never before experienced. Hebrews 4:16 encourages us to come boldly to the Throne of Grace, where we may find grace to help in our time of need. In Matthew 6:6, we read that God has a special reward for those who pray in secret, seen only by Him. My prayer is that God will pour out a rich blessing upon each person that has been praying for us. “…and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

Many of you have been standing with us in prayer. This, I believe, is the kind of love that Jesus speaks of in John 13:35 “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” Please continue to remember our family in prayer as the Lord brings us to your mind. I know that we will also have many tears in the days to come, but I am even more confident that God’s grace will be with us too. 

September 28th: 

Priya*, India

Please pray for a good food distribution tomorrow in gypsy and tribal villages. 

September 27th: 

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

A fierce gunfight is underway between militants and security forces in Samboora area of Awantipora in south Kashmir’s Pulwama District… As per the reports received, a joint team of police and the Army’s 50 RR and CRPF launched cordon and search operations in Samboora. As the joint team of forces approached towards the suspected spot, the hiding militants fired upon the party, triggering off an encounter. Please pray. 

September 26th: 

Pator Bharat*, India

Praise God that my son is recovering from Coronavirus. He had been in the hospital for two weeks. Please pray for my family’s finances. Pray that we can continue our building work for a pastor training center. Pray also for a new laptop and phone for my ministry. 

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

The earth in Srinagar and its outskirts in central Kashmir shook again this noon, making people shocked and worried all across the valley. The earthquake felt at around noon today has again sent shock waves across Kashmir; people wonder why and how these tremors occur in and around Srinagar. Some people guess these jolts occurred by air blasts, and some are waiting to see the statements coming from the seismologists to confirm whether these are naturally occurring earthquakes or something else. Pertinently, people in fear left their homes and came out into the streets when fierce jolts were felt in Srinagar during late-night hours two days ago. Please pray. 

September 24th: 

Pastor Jairaj*, India

Pray for pastors in India. They are soldiers in Christ. They face problems from their own family, Hindu organizations, persecution from unbelievers, losing government benefits in education and bank loans, etc. 

Pastor Joshua*, India

Praise God for people’s greater interest and acceptance of the Gospel. Pray as we baptize seven people next month. Pray as we plan to give 35 widows some gifts then too. 

I thank God for keeping me in the villages. I was brought up in Bangalore, and I thank God for where I am. I praise God for what He is doing in Tribal villages. I want to help the youth. I want to develop them. I want to teach them to do housekeeping, tailoring, and different vocations. And through that, I want to preach the Gospel to them.

September 23rd: 

Thang*, Myanmar (Burma)

Pray for safety. In Yangon and the rest of the country, they do not have enough facilities for COVID-19 patients. People aren’t wearing their masks. Church is still not allowed – no service in church. But to some extent, in terms of the Christian life, everything is online, so it is an advantage. People are praying more. People are asking what is the most important thing in life. The impact of food relief made a big impact for people. It made a lot of open doors. It gives a lot more opportunity. 

Priya*, India

Pray as another woman died from attempting abortion in one of my ministry villages. She had two other children.  

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

The epicentre of the earthquake was Srinagar city, but all the valley is frightened. The reports are still awaited for any damage. So pray for Kashmir because there is no lockdown and slowly schools are going to open. Pray for Kashmiri people to feel secure.

September 20th:

Pastor Sanjiv*, India

Thanks a lot for praying as well as organizing others to pray for me. So happy to see such prayer warriors. Since I am in such a big family and surrounded by prayers of the saints, I am improving and doing well. Today is the seventh day of my home quarantine, and another week I have to be at home. Then again we need to go for a Covid test. So far my family is doing well, although a little worried. This is a nasty virus indeed; lot of body pain, headache, fever, no appetite, etc. I could not sleep 4/5 nights and was confused much. Now in the last two days I am feeling much better and praising God for that. Thanks again for your great love and care and support these days. May the Lord bless you.

September 18th: 

Pastor Sanjiv*, India

Dear one, greetings and thanks for praying for me. I am slowly getting better, although feeling very weak and getting no smell or taste of food, etc. Prayer will surely help us to heal faster. 

Thanks for your financial help in times of greatest need. This money had been used to bring smiles to some needy families who face a terrible time due to lockdown caused by the pandemic. May the Lord bless you all.

September 15th: 

Pastor Sanjiv*, India

Dear one, here I have not been well for the last five days. Most nights I couldn’t sleep. No appetite, cold, cough, tiredness, headache and body pain. At last I gave a swab sample for Covid-19 test and today the result came – Covid-19 positive. The whole family is worried now as they too have to do tests. Please pray for me as well as my wife and children. Now I am in home quarantine and taking some medicines. Not feeling well either. Please cover us in your prayers.

September 14th:

Pastor Suraj*, India

Churches may open at the end of the month. We will be glad to worship together, but this will require more expense and work to keep people safe. Please pray. Also pray for our church roof, which just tin and is broken. Pray we can built a strong roof and that this one will not blow away. Pray as we need some more equipment and a PA system for our online streaming, and for the church as well because some of the machines have become old and broken down.

Pray for my son, who is doing online school now. 

Pray for our church believers, that they may stand strong in their faith during this crisis of COVID-19, job loss, unemployment, etc. 

Pray for our online viewers of our YouTube channel, that it may increase and we may be able to reach more people of Bihar and India with the Gospel. Pray for water baptism taking place this Friday, 18 September. Some of our online viewers are from Hindu higher caste, have believed in the Lord, and are going to take baptism, leaving idolatry and witchcraft. I have not met them physically but online only.

Pray for the flood relief needed in north Bihar. Thanks a lot!

September 10th: 

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

I am sad to inform that Mrs. Aryl died at the hospital early this morning. Kindly pray for the bereaved family. The cremation of the body will be held today. Kindly pray. 

September 9th: 

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

Urgent prayer request: One of our church members has been admitted in hospital for a throat problem. Kindly uphold her in your prayers for miraculous healing. 

September 8th:

Pastor Pan*, Myanmar

Pray for the missionaries and their families to have enough food for their daily living. Pray for safety during this pandemic. Pray for the schools to re-open. Our children are at home doing nothing and school is postponed indefinitely. Pray also for elections that are happening in our country on November 8th. 

September 4th:

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

Dear prayer partners in Christ – this morning my mother in law died. So please keep me in your prayers.

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Pray for us, as we are watched more closely. As husbands are not able to go to work, they are always there to watch their wives’ actions and to watch us as we go to do ministry. They call the police and they keep us from doing ministry with the women. Pray for the safety of the women and our pastors and missionaries. 

September 3rd:

Priya*, India

Pray for the children in the the Gypsy and Tribal villages, that they will not leave school. Pray we can help them with the funds needed to afford school during and after this COVID-19 crisis.

September 1st:

Pastor Sanjiv*, India

What about the coronavirus pandemic in India? India created a global record on 30th August with the highest single-day rise of 78,761 new infections, and is already the world’s third-most infected nation. It has also reported more than 63,000 deaths. Please pray for our ongoing work for the poor and needy families of our community, and remember other practical issues in your personal prayer. Pray also for preparation and line-up for meetings in several states once the pandemic issue is over.

Pastor Joshua*, India

Please pray for me, as I’m going through hardship during these days in the family. Pray so that I can do God’s desire through my life and in ministry also. There are some young boys and girls in our church that should repent, believe in Jesus and accept Jesus Christ as their saviour. Church gatherings are banned during this pandemic, so please pray that the churches should be opened for worship.

Pastor Pan*, Myanmar

The Covid-19 positive cases are higher and higher these days in Myanmar. Please continue to pray for our safety. My family as well as all of our children are well by the grace of God, for which we are thankful. 

August 29th: 

Pastor Suraj*, India

With $3,000 we will be preparing about 100 two-week dry food ration packets per family of four or five people. This will be distributed among 100 flood-affected poor families in a river region. It can help altogether about 500 people.  With more funds we could reach a couple of other communities too. 

August 27th: 

Sukeena*, Sri Lanka

Praise the Lord. Good news! Tomorrow is our missionary Mandeep’s* wedding, August 27th. Please pray for him.

August 26th:

Pastor Pan*, Myanmar

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for these people who need your help as we do food relief. 

Pastor Bharat*, India

In this time we want to help those who are suffering from Covid-19…more families, we want to help them.

August 25th:

Pastor Shalva*, Nepal

Per family the cost is about $80-$100 to provide a family of four to seven people with nutritious food for 30-40 days, and clothing as well. Those people have lost everything – they have nothing. The government provides only a kind of plastic tent which they have to fix with bamboo. Thanking you so much for all your prayers and support.

August 22nd: 

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Day to day the flood situation is very bad, as you can see in the news. I think we need to pray more, expecting to see His miracles. The floods are taking people’s belongings, and it is taking a long time for them to move. The survivors are suffering much with the COVID-19 pandemic also. So, we need to keep patience for His blessings. 

August 19th:

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

It gives me great joy to write this mail. We as a family in Christ seek according to the promise, “I will restore you to health and heal your wounds…” ~ Jeremiah 30:17

Our Lord Jesus Christ has granted us a good health, in this time of Covid-19. Our family that belongs to God doesn’t stay in the storm, but has shelter inside the ark; our tears will be no more. We will see peace, goodness and happiness in the coming days. I thank you for the relief you have provided for the poor and needy people, and pray that God shall bless you with abundant measure according to 2 Corinthians 9:8. God is able to make all grace abound in all things at all times…Our Lord never lets down the partner of the ministry.

August 18th:

Jandi*, Nepal

Pray for the old and disabled people who are isolated and lonely. We are safely going to visit them and give fellowship.

August 12th: 

Pastor Suraj*, India

Warm greetings to you in Jesus’ glorious name! Pray and hope that you all are doing well during this trying period. Till now 16 districts of Bihar and nearly 7.5 million people are affected by the floods, which can last till September. I am getting regular phone calls from affected areas for help. So, we are earnestly praying for your efforts for Bihar. Thanks a lot for your prayers and concerns for us and Bihar.

August 8th: 

Sukeena*, Sri Lanka

[Regarding recent elections] We are not shocked. We prayed for God’s will to happen in the Parliament election. As we prayed for whom God wants to be in power, He has brought them. Now we are praying for the leader of the country to rule our nation in a peaceful and fair way. Up to this date we didn’t face any persecution in our area (because of the election), but in most of the Sinhalese areas there was persecution of Christians. Please continue to stand with us in the gap for the nation and its future. Thank you for your prayers, love and continued support.

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

There are 778 local confirmed cases of COVID-19, and 19 deaths. Kindly pray, and we are praying for you and all our donors.

August 3rd: 

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

Dear beloved in Christ, I inform you that the Corona cases increased suddenly in the Andaman Islands due to the starting of flights. As of today, 489 cases are positive and there are eight deaths so far. Due to this increase, the Andaman government imposed a complete lockdown on Saturday, from 1st August till 31st August. Again the churches were closed. We have started teleconference prayer from yesterday. Kindly pray for the Andaman Islands. 

August 1st: 

Priya*, India

Since people’s economic status has been severely affected by this Covid-19 virus, most of the parents over here are thinking whether they should send a child for begging and collecting rubbish and waste on the roadside. Since the children of the gypsies began going to school with other community children, they have had some improvement in their life. At the same time, their parents are also learning some good habits from their children. I have advised them by way of counseling for their lives, especially in respect of education. They are all getting many benefits by way of going to school – particularly they are becoming very disciplined, and also they are becoming skilled. If they go for jobs in future, their poverty can be removed.  It will cost $30 per child for them to go back to school after COVID-19. Without this help, they may not go to school again because of the cost. I do not want them to go back to their old life, since I find some good improvement in their life now.

July 29th: 

Pastor Jagan*, Bhutan

Thank you for your continuous prayers. The government is doing a bit for monsoon relief, but due to COVID-19 the government is not having funds to reach out to those affected. We are trying our level best to reach out to the most needy, and so do the few local NGOs. Please pray for the situation to come under control. Thank you!

July 27th: 

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

There is very sad news which I wanted to share in this moment. In an area where 7 of our missionaries are living, which had been thought safe because of the town’s embankment/dam, the dam has broken down a few minutes ago and speedy water has been entering the remote area where the people we serve are living. It will be very damaging for these people. 

July 26th: 

Pastor Jagan*, Bhutan

Just a quick update that the COVID-19 situation is getting worse for the first time, so that we are in total lockdown in our region till 3rd August. The monsoon is getting worse in the entire area of Assam to West Bengal to Bihar, Nepal and Bhutan. It’s pouring out and flooding in almost all the areas where millions of people have been shifted to safer places. There was no electricity as well for the last week. Finally yesterday it got resumed in our area.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Requesting you to continuously pray for all our missionaries. Thank you!

July 25th: 

Pastor Bharat*, India

We are very happy you again sent us help for the needy poorest people in Rajasthan state of India. Really we are very thankful to you, and now we are also glad to send you good news. We are working among the poorest people in the hill areas. All the people are farmers and labor workers. Due to Coronavirus and lockdown, our village people are suffering in many ways. For one, there is not enough food for them. With your $900 we served the needy and poorest 25 families. We went to every home and gave food packets. Those poorest people got good food packets – they are very happy and give thanks for the donor. 

We have many people waiting for food, but we have no more funds. If God will again open the door for us, we will fully help them. Please kindly pray for our ministry and the poorest people. 

July 24th: 

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Greetings – I believe that you all are well by His grace and we are also the same, though the pandemic is rapidly increasing more than previously and people are dying much more than before. So, people are worried to see the high percentage of death rate and everyday it has been rising, mainly in Dhaka’s red zones… 

One missionary’s wife slipped in the rain and broke her right hand. She was admitted to the hospital, where our missionary is staying with her.

People in southwest Bangladesh are still trapped by the water from Cylcone Amphan, and it will be a big delay to remove the water from the south side of the district. Until the dry season comes, this water will not be moved. For this reason, we thought a lot about ways to help with rehabilitation, like repairing houses, making culverts, running food-for-work programs, etc. These projects are big, expensive or very costly. So, to stand beside the cyclone-devastated survivors with a loving concern in our areas/communities, we believe it would be good to provide food relief, as we did recently with our Covid-19 pandemic relief program. 

The flash flood has already hit where two of our missionaries are living. Except one missionary’s house, all areas went under water and all the crops were damaged.

July 23rd: 

Pastor Babul*, India

Please pray – one of our church members passed away today due to Coronavirus. His wife and a daughter are left behind. He was 40. He was also one of my good friends and very helpful in church activities.

July 21st: 

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Though it is the annual monsoon season, this year it has taken the severe form of flash flooding. The rains are devastating crops and cattle, and causing loss of life in a very bad way – mainly in the North and Northwest/Northeast sides of Bangladesh. The highland water from India, Nepal and China has been causing the flash floods.

July 20th: 

Pastor Peter*, Kashmir

Here is a valley nestled high on the edge of the Himalayan mountain range. Here the Muslim call to prayer rings out from loudspeakers five times each day. Throughout the past decade, terror and hardship have gripped this Kashmir Valley. Kashmir is a highly populated valley surrounded by some of the world’s highest mountain ranges… In this Kashmir Valley people from a few different groups mightily and fairly call themselves Kashmiris. Here there are a few Hindu Pandits and Sikhs, and a handful of Christians who call the valley home, who speak Kashmiri as their mother tongue. There are also other Muslims who live in the Kashmir Valley – they are Gujjars, Balti, Pathan, Hindkhu, Ihasan, Miripuris, etc.

To help with food distribution, we have chosen one area first because it is most vulnerable and overlooked…we have selected areas where the people belong to scheduled (low) castes, scheduled tribes, etc. They are unreached groups in this district, and they are the most vulnerable and overlooked, which have not received any help so far. 

July 19th:

Pastor Thang*, Myanmar

Thank you very much for all the love and great concern for our missionary partners and ministries. It has always been a great joy for us to be partnering under your umbrella with care and support…You all are in our thoughts and prayers especially during this time of crisis, as we know many people have been affected with Covid-19. 

July 18th:

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Greetings – I would like to share about the flash floods in Bangladesh. This water is coming from the highlands of India. It is hitting our human lives…Still today our people/areas are safe, but within the coming one or two days they may go under water. The flash flood is at the doorstep of our ministry areas…

Still today our areas are mainly affected by the lockdown and the lingering water from Cyclone Amphan. Certain villages are most affected. In these villages the people are locked down and jobless. Now people work and live surrounded by water. This water is not going away, but day by day its level has been increasing due to monsoon rains. This water has been devastating for human lives. 

July 9th: 

Sukeena*, Sri Lanka

Praise the Lord. Our country’s situation is getting better little by little, but it is still not normal. Still there are Covid-19 cases that have been identified in different places. Our government is focusing on the coming general election (for Parliament), so they have opened the public sector and have made a mess in the country.

Please continue to pray. We too are praying for the USA and for the world. Thank you very much for your continued support and love for our country. 

July 7th: 

Pastor Hamid*, Kashmir

I sincerely thank you for extending your sacrificial help to support us, and I am also indeed grateful to you for your prayers. Hopefully, we are going to distribute the dry food kits from 15th July 2020 onwards, to poor and vulnerable people here in Kashmir who are affected by COVID-19… May God bless you richly for your wonderful acts that you have performed for His name’s sake.

We also thank you and pray for the COVID-19 relief project, as we have some local Christian donors to help some families. We are going to distribute the food items. We will be able to come out of this critical condition by the solidarity of the people like you who stand for His works.

July 4th: 

Priya*, India 

Today is the last day for us to stay at home – the government is going to release the lockdown. But we will have a lot of restrictions when going out – it will be a half lockdown, I think. It’s really hard to meet each other in my Gypsy colony with the children. Thank you so much for your wonderful and powerful prayers for us. 

Here in India we have time limits. During the lockdown one man and his son opened their shop after the time limit, so the police caught them and beat them the whole night. The two men died. So so sad news to us. No humanity. This is the big issue going on here in Tamil Nadu.

July 1st: 

Pastor Shalva*, Nepal

“We are still praying for funds for the schooling of 165 children from the poorest of poor families, following their COVID-19 hardships.”

June 30th: 

Pastor Suraj*, India

“There are still huge needs of food packet distributions among the poor and needy living in other localities and districts… Meanwhile some other problems are occurring here, like the flood situation in Bihar. Many people died from lightning strikes. Grasshopper attacks have destroyed harvests. There are earthquakes and price hikes by the government. So please pray. Once again, I thank each one of you for your hard work, love and prayers.”

June 26th: 

Pastor Joshua*, India

“We are also praying for the USA to recover from this pandemic, and once again restore your country with a double portion of goodness and blessings of God.

As you know, during this lockdown in India many people below the poverty line, old people, and orphans are most affected. One orphanage home run by my friend, where 48 orphans were staying and doing their education, has lost their sponsors because the sponsor companies have faced huge losses in this pandemic.”

June 23rd: 

Pastor Joshua*, India

Greetings to you in Jesus name. By God’s grace we were able to give relief materials to some Christian workers who were much affected because of lockdown. They are not able to come out of their respective houses. They could not get any relief or help from anybody, as they were living in villages.

These Christian worker family members are daily wage labourers. The people whom they are serving are mostly daily wage labourers, and some are farmers. They are staying 20-30 kilometres away from the main town. They almost lost all hope, but were continuously praying to God to meet their needs.

When I called them through phone, it was a miracle to them. They were very much happy. Some came on foot from their village to collect the relief materials. I also felt very sorry for them. But when returning to my place I gave them fare to go by local conveyance (auto rickshaw) three-wheeler passenger vehicle. Now they can manage at least 20-25 days with the materials that have been given to them. We are very much thankful to Harvest Bridge for helping us in this time of need. God bless you all. 

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Greetings and thanks that Lord still has kept us safe from the COVID-19 pandemic attack, though the virus has been roaming beside us as we are still in the red zone. There is very bad news that our missionary Nazia* and her elder son were attacked by the COVID-19 virus. They were tested by the health ministry of the government, and now they are locked down. They are sick with fever. Her husband and youngest son are living a little far away, but they are now quarantined and following the government advice. So, pray for the family.

June 16th:

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

“Greetings in His precious name and thank you very much for your love and care for Bangladesh. Yesterday we had a Holy Baptism program in a village where there are no Covid-19 cases in northern Bangladesh, and the Lord has blessed us with 59 new people who have received Jesus as their personal savior through water baptism after following Jesus and being discipled. Though the day had heavy rainfall, our team was able to rejoice in Him and accomplish the baptism program. So we are grateful to Jesus as He is using our teams to win more new souls for him in different villages of Bangladesh. So, pray for our teams and team members doing ministry. Pray for these new believers.” 

June 15th: 

Pastor Joshua*

“On June 13th, we as a team of pastors visited a village where we came to know that one of the Christian believer’s son was murdered (martyred), and with fear three families left their village. 

Manas*, age 16 years, belongs to a local tribe. Years ago his family accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. From then onwards the village people and one village chief joined together and persecuted them. Last week they decided to kill all the three families, but by God’s grace the families escaped. But they caught Manas and took him to a nearby forest and killed him.

So we visited them and gave some financial help, and also distributed some essential food items for the three families. They are staying in a church and have taken shelter there. Please do pray for them. We prayed for them and encouraged them by the Word of God. We are thankful to you as we were able to meet their need by your generous help.”

June 10th: 

Pastor Shazil*, Pakistan

One of our board members for the ministry team, Tanvir* is seriously ill for the last few weeks. He was diagnosed with pneumonia, but yesterday was taken into the emergency ward because he had difficulty to breathe. There were not good medical facilities in their city, so his family took him to a nearby big city. When they arrived there the hospitals were overcrowded, so they took him to another city. He got a bed in the Government hospital there and now is awaiting his COVID-19 test results. Please pray for him. Tanvir has been a great support to our ministry. He has participated in our disaster response programs, evangelical meetings, Bible distributions, local outreaches and other programs….God bless you.

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Our missionary Ekant* has been sick. So, pray for Ekant and his team members as they accomplish the food distribution work instead of him. This is our view and hope. Today Ekant and missionary Joshua* went to the hospital for his checkup. But the physician told them to come tomorrow, after fasting for blood tests. Ekant is very weak, so remember him in your daily prayers. 

June 9th:

Pastor Mang*, Myanmar (Burma) 

I want to say thank you to you and the generous donors for proving food for the poor people here in Myanmar during this Covid-19 crisis. By the grace of God, the food distribution went very well and the recipients were so happy, since all the families are struggling to get food. In my village, 19 families received the food supply and they all say “Thank you to the donors”.

June 5th: 

Pastor Thang*, Myanmar (Burma)

Please keep remembering us in prayer for the relief effort, as we distribute food to the needy people and families. Thank you very much for all the hard work and burden of heart that you all sacrifice for God and for the people here in Myanmar, who are in great need of a loving hand and care.

June 1st:

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Most of the local missionaries already have been able to purchase the relief food, but due to the seasonal climate and rainfall, distribution could not yet occur in two places. But we are believing distribution will be possible tomorrow, for a lot of places if God wants. So, pray for the missionaries.

You would wonder to hear that by the blessings of God, very soon there will be a lot of new ministry locations, and there will be a Holy Baptism program. For this reason our missionaries are passing a very hard time. But everyone is ready to accomplish His commandments, as He called us. So, please pray for them and hope for this.

May 31st:

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Our missionary Ekant* is sick. His wrists are in pain and he also has chronic dysentery. So please pray. 

May 29th: 

Pastor Hamid*, Kashmir 

I sincerely thank you for extending your sacrificial help to support us, and I am also indeed grateful to you for your prayers. Hopefully we are going to distribute the dry food kits from 1st June and onwards, to poor and vulnerable peoples here in Kashmir who are affected by COVID-19.

May 28th: 

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

In spite of no cases of COVID-19, still restrictions for opening the churches continue and are extended up to 14th June. The situation in India is worsening day by day, like the USA. We are praying for the breaking of this pandemic. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. May the Lord bless you in a special way.

A personal prayer request: Pray for our church – it doesn’t have a toilet facility or a compound wall. Due to this, cattle come and destroy plants and the church premises. The second need is to pray for a car for me, since it is raining more here and we aren’t able to go with family for ministry in a two wheeler. It is my long pending prayer.

Pastor Joshua*, India

Greetings to you in Jesus’ name. Hope you are all doing well in the Lord during this Covid-19 pandemic time. We are also praying for you all. May the good God hear our prayers and heal the land soon. We are very much encouraged by your concern and financial support during this Covid-19 lockdown period. May God bless you all abundantly. 

May 27th:

Pastor Shalva*, Nepal

“The politics of Nepal has been stepping ahead with criminal activities. The cabinet and ministers are for protecting criminals and suppressing the truth and justice. The victims have almost lost hope to receive protection and justice from the government. It is a great evidence of forecasting what is coming in the future and what we must expect from the Nepal government. I have lost my hope in this Government of Nepal, but I have a great hope in my Lord and Savior Almighty God, who was, who is, and who is going to come.”

May 26th: 

Pastor Shalva*, Nepal

“The District Police Headquarters arrested a pastor with the intention to persecute him because he was a Christian, though the charge was something else. First, the police violated the law by arresting him without presenting an arrest note. Second, the police made fake arrests on the 16th day of the pastor’s custody, charging with ‘religious offense’ and with no arrest note. Third, the police created another case in Dolpa on the same charge and transferred the pastor overnight, despite the lockdown situation.

We hoped that at the Supreme Court we would be given justice, but prejudice in the legal system due to Nepal’s Anti-Conversion Law has been implemented, even though there is no proof that was claimed by the police or attorney that the pastor had committed this crime.

The verdict comes against the pastor and rejecting the writ for his release. From this unjust move terrible precedence is established, not only to this pastor but against all Christians. The judicial procedure today has overruled all facts and legal/constitutional provisions and violated the freedom of religion or belief. So all Nepalese Christians need to stay watchful, since all religious activities even inside the church building will be brought under criminal offenses! I am compelled to say that today is the darkest day to a religious minority in the so-called secular democratic country of Nepal. We lost the equality, justice and peace as a religious minority. We lost citizen rights!”

May 21st:

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Thank you for your prayers. Our missionaries are safe but the community damage is very big, though the storm (Cyclone Amphan) already stopped there. It is raining and the missionaries are thinking that the mud houses will be broken down by tomorrow morning if the rain continues. This devastation is big. 

May 20th: 

Pastor Darpan*,  Bangladesh

Greetings in Jesus’ name. Super Cyclone Amphan is going through India. The cyclone has hit our south side of Bangladesh, mainly Satkhira, Mongla, Borguna, Patuakhali, Monpura, Cox’s Bazar, and other districts of South Bangladesh.

Our missionaries are living among the coastal areas. I have been on phone calls from our missionaries and coworkers. Before 8:00 pm there was a heavy storm/wind with 120 km/h (75 mph) winds blowing. As a result, some embankments were broken down and overflowed the land, damaging the ripe crops and breaking trees and branches down. In the TV we saw some houses are upside down with siding and bamboo materials flying away. Our government gave the announcement two days before for people to come ashore and stay at the flood shelter, and a lot of people came to cyclone shelters. 

So the cyclone already has started her demolishing work and has been continuing. In this moment I could not share more, but we are praying for human safety first, and safety for their cattle. So we have to pray for the coastal people and for no lives to be demolished. We need to pray for their safe lives please.

Pastor Pan*, Myanmar

This 2nd relief program for Covid-19 will go to another village. 10 families will receive help from us in that village. Thank you so much for the generous donors and their love toward our people here in Myanmar. We continue to pray that the Lord will provide more funds to help more people, as the need is great.

May 19th:

Pastor Joshua*, India

Greetings to you in Jesus’ name. By God’s grace and by your valuable support we were able to support 16 very poor pastors with rice, dal, onions, potatoes, cooking oil, salt, milk powder, tea powder, bathing soap, and hand soap for the next several weeks. Also we are planning to provide one day’s care (two meals) for at least 50 migrants if God is willing. Please pray. Once again I am extremely thanking you for your concern and for the extension of support that you have shown. We praise God and bless you all. Yours in Christ Jesus. 

May 18th:

Pastor Sanjiv*

The lockdown has been brutal on India’s poor section of society, especially on the daily wage earners who go to work in other cities/states far away from their villages and families. Thousands have rushed back, hiding in vegetable trucks, walking miles – babies in arms, bundles of belongings on heads, dehydrated, desperate and literally dying to leave the working place.

The impact is particularly harsh on a vast majority of people – the landless, small and marginal farmers, urban migrant workers, petty shopkeepers, barbers, tailors, traders, etc. constituting about 93% of the total work force of India engaged in the informal economy. Apart from loss of income, they would surely have run out of savings by the time the lockdown is lifted. There is a rise in unemployment by 50-60% in all the sectors, and hunger in the country because of the low level of production. People have already become frustrated and anxious as they are forced to stay inside their houses, and now the hunger and the impatience will lead them towards doing unethical things and crime.

We are doing what we can to provide relief for poor Christian families affected by the lockdown. Last week we tried to bring smiles to 39 families, although many others are requesting help too. These are families from our churches. While they received help from us, each of them joined in prayer & thanksgiving and prayed for those of God’s people who stood with God’s love and extended their hand practically to provide for them. Thank you very much for understanding the need at this hour of these poor and needy families. May the Lord bless your good work, your life and your belongings.

May 15th:

Sukeena*, Sri Lanka

My mother is sick. Please pray. My husband has lost his job and my family is going through a difficult situation. My parents too. Pray for my church pastor and the believers, for their need for food. Pray for my country’s president. Pray as Christians are humiliated in my area, and that people would repent and accept Jesus.

May 14th: 

Pastor Pan*, Myanmar

“Bro. Lwin [see May 9th entry] has given some money to the lawyer as a down payment of the legal fee yesterday. But by the grace of God, I am pleased to inform you that Bro. Lwin’s case was ceased. That means by today, the court decided that Lwin hasn’t broken the law by having a prayer meeting at their house, since they all live together as one family from long before. All the money that he has given to the lawyer was returned to him. We thank God for answering our prayers for Bro. Lwin and his family, by protecting them not to face any persecution in the court.”

May 12th:

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

We would like to share that this week is a very busy week for us in Bangladesh. By your support the COVID-19 relief program in Bangladesh has been started. The distribution program is starting in Rajshahi, and it will continue to this upcoming Sunday at Satkhira and Dinajpur. So, please pray for our teams to accomplish the program as we planned.

May 9th:

Pastor Pan*, Myanmar

I am very sad to inform you that Brother Lwin* has been facing persecution because of his faith. During this lockdown in Myanmar, the government declared that more than five people being together has been prohibited and the ones who break the law have been arrested for 3 months. During this time, Brother Lwin and his family of seven members have had a family prayer meeting in his house. The Muslim neighbors hate this missionary family because of their faith, and have watched them for a couple of years now. Now he is accused of breaking the law. Actually, this is not breaking the law. But since he lives and serves among the Muslim community, they have taken this chance to put him in court. 

He and his family members are at a danger point. They need our prayers and help.

Prayer points for him: Safety for his family and continued opportunity for them to serve among this community. Pray God will give him wisdom as he faces this persecution, and that God will provide the needed money to hire a lawyer who can protect them from the evil doers. Pray also for his wife and children, as they are full of fear.

Thank you for joining him in your prayers.

May 8th:

Pastor Suraj*, India

Food distribution is still the number one priority, as poor people, daily labourers, and migrants have no money to buy food items. Many people have lost their jobs, and now with no work, they have finished their small savings in the last seven weeks. Not all shops or factories are opened. Churches are not opened, so pastors of small churches are greatly suffering. Maid servants, washermen, cobblers, carpenters, rickshaw pullers, cooks, sweepers, daily wage workers, construction labourers, slum dwellers and many others have no work and are greatly suffering.

May 6th:

Shalva*, Nepal

Thanking you for all your prayers and support. Please be sure that we are regularly and continuously praying for you all.

Darpan*, Bangladesh

Within this time the government is not strict about COVID-19 and is slow to action, while Ramadan religious festivals are maintained. So, where and when COVID-19 will be stopped, no one can imagine. On the other hand, the government has kept all transportation like buses and trains stopped, and they extended the lockdown up to 16th May. So, we need your prayers.

Tomorrow we will begin food distribution to 324 families who are most severely affected, living hand to mouth. 

May 5th: 

Darpan*, Bangladesh

Please pray for us, those who are living in and around Dhaka, because the COVID-19 virus is spreading much in a very bad way and attacking people. We are dying more than in other countries. So, we need to pray for all people.

May 2nd: 

Sanjiv*, India 

Lockdown is extended till 21 May. The situation has turned to worse. I don’t know how many will die due to Covid-19 infection, but many more will die due to hunger and malnutrition. 

April 29th:

Jandi*, Nepal

We are doing well here in Nepal. We are praying for the USA and all other countries to get healing from coronavirus. Till now 57 persons got infection by coronavirus in Nepal, and 16 got healing and went back home. Others are under treatment in hospital. Lockdown is extended to May 7, and travel is not allowed till May 14. 

April 27th:

Rina*, Bangladesh

In such a mechanical way, the world goes so fast and people are busy with their own purposes, not prioritizing His word. In such a situation we are now facing the COVID-19 pandemic, and due to its action the world has become stopped and locked down. The coronavirus is affecting human lives, and everyday people are dying by this pandemic attack. So it reminds me that in all of my circumstances there is a God who has the control, who gives our lives and can take our lives.

But I see my people who are facing this cruel moment. They have become jobless because there is no work for the day laborers. I feel in my heart that as His daughter, I need to stand beside the new believers and community people who are living in the slum areas and are severe victims. As much as I could, I tried to stand beside them with a very small amount of rice, pulses, salt, and some potatoes. This is insufficient to meet their needs. But as a God-fearing daughter I try to stand beside them, with a hope and belief that the Lord will send us commodities and assistance needed to face the problems. I welcome you to please come forward and stand beside the COVID-19 victims. 

April 25th: 

Pastor Vinod*, India

I wanted to tell you that because of this lockdown…and problems in India, my family and I are struggling a lot. Because there is no income earning, we are suffering. We are not able to pay the house rent, food expenses and all.

April 24th:

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

Within this circumstance the COVID-19 virus is attacking all the countries, but very especially in Bangladesh it has been spreading much, attacking human lives very aggressively, and destroying lives every day in this congested and dense country. But within this situation, I including my wife are consoling and awakening our believers, house churches, and community people by the word of God and giving hope. 

Coronavirus is a pandemic, harming the daily lives and destroying lives, but we are praying with patience as He is our miracle-working Jesus. We are keeping touch everyday through prayers – only prayers can change the whole situation. 

People have been suffering unspeakable poverty due to the lockdown. They cannot sell their day labor to earn money, as the income source is totally stopped. They want to see hope, and not to be hopeless at this terrible attack. After the dark there will be a good sunrise.

April 22nd: 

Sanjiv*, India

India declared a three-week nation-wide lockdown (people need to forget what it means to go out) til mid-April in the initial phase, which has subsequently been extended till May 3rd for achieving satisfactory containment of the virus’s spread. Thus 1.38 billion people were decreed to stay at home to break the chain of transmission. This was done without properly analysing the intricacies and impact of this massive lockdown by the government, which is presenting a severe challenge to working people, precarious labourers, daily wage labourers, beggars, nomads, the disabled and homeless in carrying out their daily livelihood for survival. In India, 92% of jobs are informal in the sense that they exclude any form of protection, contract, or guarantee of continuity. Now the already uncertain future of these labourers is in complete darkness. They have hardly any idea how they will feed their families in the coming months or what kind of work they will be getting.

The lockdown has caused a devastating impact on most of those Christian families who live below the poverty line. Many Christians in India come from the socially marginalized Dalit and Tribal communities. The Dalits are from the lowest rungs of the Hindu caste system, and the Tribals are the country’s indigenous communities, mostly located in India’s forests and undeveloped areas. Many of them are construction workers, street vendors, work in restaurants, shops, houses etc., and have lost their jobs. 

Some churches and Christian individuals across the country have stepped up their efforts to mitigate the poor’s sufferings, to fulfill the Christian obligation of charity and try to reach out to the poor in the best and prudent ways possible.

April 20th: 

Pastor Suraj*, India

From today some relaxation in the lockdown started for some necessary things. Government offices reopened with half staff. From 3rd May, more relaxation may come if the situation improves. But schools, churches, hotels and restaurants remain closed. 

Meanwhile, please also pray as my computer CPU has broken down or stopped working. It is 12 years old. I consulted a mechanic online – he said he will try to repair after the lockdown opens, but it is old and parts are not available. I was uploading our sermons through this only. Besides this, I need some other equipment for better online ministry.

April 19th:

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

We are safe, and still He has been using us for His glory. There is good news that our missionary Tanzi’s* wife, Rifah*, became healed though she had felt some weakness. But we believe that she is now safe from the danger, as we are afraid she had Corona.

April 17th: 

Pastor Jagan*, Bhutan

I am requesting you to pray for our missionaries, because the country is locked down officially for three more months till the week of July 1st. I am praying for you and the safety of all the HB partners in the midst of the COVID-19 threat. Thank you!

April 15th:

Pastor Pan*, Myanmar (Burma)

Greetings in Jesus’ name! As for me, my family and our orphanage children, we are keeping well by the grace of God. There was the first COVID-19 confirmed case in our town this morning, not far from our home. Please continue to pray for our safety and God’s provision for our daily living. We believe that God is still on His throne watching over us. 

Pastor Shalva*, Nepal

As I was talking to our missionaries about the situation, they told me that somehow people are getting something from the government to survive at least for some days, but their biggest problem is to help the people who come to their house church with sending their children to school after the lockdown opens. They are praying for getting help from us to send children to school. They are seeking startup expenses from us – $30 per child for a year of supplies, up to Class Eight. After Class Eight it would be $50 per child per year. It is a one-time school startup expense which includes: 1. Two pairs of school uniforms, 2. One pair school shoes, 3. Socks, stockings, underclothes, 4. School bag, 5. One set of note books, and 6. Writing tools. Please pray for all these things. Thanking you so much for all your prayers, support and help.

April 14th:

Pastor Ram*, Andaman Islands

The lockdown was extended up to 3rd May, but starting April 20th they will announce some restrictions to be lifted. As of today, only one person is in the hospital here with Corona. So, there are chances of getting relief. Our missionaries all are fine. Through phone and WhatsApp, they are contacting the believers and known unbelievers with daily messages from God’s Word and Bible study. Also, in our church, we set apart the timings of morning 5-6, afternoon 12-12.30 and evening 8-9 for praising, praying and Bible study. In this we told the believers to pray for the Islands, for India, for the EU, especially for the USA. 

Pastor Jairaj*, India

Our heart is full of sorrows and troubles. In this situation, two deaths happened in our church – one old man of 80 years and another young man of 40 years. They did not undergo Corona treatment. They stayed at home and died. [We believe] they had COVID-19, but they didn’t report to the government. They were sick for two weeks only. The young man had a wife who is a young widow now, having two boys. All are not having any job. They are living in a rented house.

April 9th:

Pastor Jagan*, Bhutan

Now Bhutan’s government is also struggling with finances, because thousands of people who are in quarantine have to be fed every day and COVID-19 tests cost them a lot. So the government has appealed to the general public to donate. Many of our mission partners are struggling with finances, as physical church gathering is not taking place for the last 3 weeks. Please pray for God’s hand of miraculous provision for our mission partners. Thank you!

Pastor Thang*, Myanmar

Yes, it is a very hard and difficult time for our partners indeed. They were able to visit and celebrate Easter with very few members, meaning two or three only. From tomorrow til 20th April, our government announced a lockdown. It will be more difficult to celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Please kindly remember us in your prayer for the physical needs of our missionary partners and their members. With many thanks.

April 2nd: 

Pastor Shalva*, Nepal 

God Almighty will work beyond our imagination. Corona hasn’t spread yet in Nepal; only six people who traveled from other countries have brought it here. One is healed and others are in normal condition. Lockdown has really controlled the Corona. Because of the lockdown it didn’t spread, otherwise it could swipe away Kathmandu, because our settlement is unorganized and the hospitals have no capacity to treat more than 2,000 people. By the Grace of Almighty God we are somehow safe.

March 28th: 

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh:

Greetings and thanks for your prayers. Bangladesh is overcoming the very critical moment. The coronavirus has been spreading, and it has reached to every corner of the remote places. The people are facing a crucial time, not getting the chances for treatment. In Bangladesh everything has collapsed, including internet-based connection. Though the government is saying many things, in reality it is different. So without prayers, there is no way to overcome the situation.

March 17th:

Pastor Shalva*, Nepal

“We are persecuted by the orthodox [Hindu] religious groups; the law of our country is totally against Christianity. We do not have any support from the government or political parties. Our churches are not registered in the government as religious institutions. We have no burial ground and no recognition as a religious group by local people and government. There are many anti-Christian activities going on…

…On the other side, many new people are coming to Christ and becoming members of the local church. In spite of a critical situation, the Kingdom activities are going on and God is doing marvelous things in our country. We are seeing so many exciting things in our churches and organizations. We are experiencing God’s love, mercy and blessings in our day to day life.

So now, even though the world is upset and being threatened because of this outbreak, God’s people are still very excited and working diligently. Thank you for your prayer and love to us. Please continue to pray that we can fulfill all our goals of this year. There are many things to be done in the future, and with our planned programs we are deciding what to do. Please pray with us and we will be praying for you too. God bless you and protect you at this moment.”

Pastor Thang*, Myanmar

“Thank you for all your prayer and support – it has been a great blessing and encouragement for us to know that you have always been supportive. Our government has announced more positive COVID-19 cases, so people are keeping their restaurants, shops and cafes closed. I believe it will be more difficult for our people to live since they are dependent on their daily work. Some of them are working in the garment industry, and some are in building construction. Most of the work has been closed down.

We are not allowed to have guests from other places within Myanmar or from abroad, including our citizens who just returned. We are strongly restricted up to 30th April. Please kindly remember us in your prayer.”

Pastor Stephen*, India

“Here life is getting really horrible due to our 21-day lockdown. In such a huge country with an enormous population, the supply chain is totally broken due to the lockdown. Many families of believers are confused whether they will die due to hunger, if not corona virus. Masks and hand sanitizer are not available in the market; for groceries, vegetables and such things, prices have gone very high. I am not afraid, but watching the situation here, there is so much misinformation. Religious leaders are saying that cow urine is best hand sanitizer, and even that it will cure COVID-19. Many temples are saying the same.”

Pastor Darpan*, Bangladesh

“We have been staying at home as we are passing through a very crucial moment. We have been praying and fasting for the world, that the Lord would have mercy and bring many to saving faith. We are kneeling down, seeking His grace and praying for this disease to be removed.

Our government has extended the quarantine, and the Army is maintaining security all over the country. People are fully staying at home, and all kinds of communication are stopped. The government is distributing food in Dhaka to those who are very poor, but many people in the rural areas are suffering with lack of food because they cannot go for their daily labor. Many have already become victims of debt with high interest rates as they face this crisis.

The virus is now spreading in villages, and also in slum areas of cities and towns. The government has closed all religious activities – they must run at home instead of at the mosque, church or temple.

So, please remember Bangladesh in your prayers, that we would not face a famine because the corona virus has destabilized the country. Day to day, it becomes more serious. Please pray for Bangladesh to overcome the situation by His mercies. We need you at this crucial moment to stand beside us.”

*All names changed for safety

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