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Harvest Bridge

We empower South Asian ministries

One Goal: To come alongside local ministries in South Asia.

We partner with Christians who have done much with little: pastors holding church under banana trees, going door to door to pray for their Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist neighbors, and traveling by foot to the multiple churches they oversee. 

These Christians know the needs of their own communities best; we help them accomplish their goals. In many ways, we act as a switchboard between South Asian ministries and the American Church, including other nonprofits and individual supporters. 

We believe that local ministries should and can be self-sufficient. We also recognize that some missionaries operate under extremely adverse conditions and can accomplish much more with some help.

Unreached people groups

Using our extensive network, Harvest Bridge identifies local missionaries who plant churches among unreached people groups (UPGs) throughout South Asia. We collect information about these missionaries, meet them individually, verify the authenticity of their work, and then help other nonprofits and individuals like you come alongside them.

Over 250 missionaries receive modest levels of monthly support through our efforts, not including grants we make for other ministry purposes.

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Pastor training

Perhaps the single greatest need in the church worldwide is for trained leaders to shepherd the growing number of people coming to vital Christian faith.

This need is especially acute in countries where many pastors cannot afford formal education. Dr. George Van Pelt Campbell, a member of our Board, has written five books for pastors and holds annual training conferences.

We provide affordable, translated copies of our books to local pastors. Using our materials, our Asia Director has given seminars in most South Asian countries. These have impacted several thousand local pastors and missionaries.

In many countries, we are blessed to come alongside church planting trainers who are trusted to lead by organizations like The Timothy Initiative and several denominations. We encourage collaboration with other trusted ministries to cultivate accountability, teachability, church unity and respect.

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Child sponsorship

Many children in South Asia face poverty and hunger at a level unimaginable to most in the West. All too often, children are abandoned when the cost of raising them becomes too high. Several of our missionaries reach out to these children, providing them not only with the food and shelter necessary for survival, but with emotional support, education, and a spiritual foundation to serve them throughout their lives.

Monthly sponsorships are available at $35 per month. Help us help these children!

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Hope through education

Asian nations are modernizing, creating new opportunities for well-educated and technologically savvy young people. But what about the poorest of the poor? Without schooling, these children face futures of hard manual labor at unlivable wages, begging, or crime.

For only $50, we can equip a child with remedial education, training in hygiene, and the school supplies they need to enter school and complete their first year. We've had the joy of seeing children replace low expectations with dreams of becoming engineers, businessmen, teachers and doctors.

Many parents, seeing the benefits to their kids, are learning the value of education and making sacrifices to pay for children to continue schooling after the first year. Some children even come home and teach their parents what they’ve learned! With just $50, not only is a child helped, but his or her whole family benefits.

The impoverished children we enroll in school sometimes need help to succeed because they missed earlier grades, their parents are illiterate and cannot help them, and/or they live in conditions not conducive to studying. This led to our School Success program.

Harvest Bridge provides a small allowance, ranging from $12-$24 per month, to help 20 churches make their facilities available as study centers in the evening. Church members serve as tutors. On average, between 350-500 children attend these programs regularly each year.

Poor families are impressed by how the local Christians are helping their children; as a result, many parents have turned to faith in Christ!

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Vocational programs

We assist local ministries in establishing vocational programs, including tailoring schools, micro-enterprises that produce goods such as brooms, garlands or sandals, and an women's empowerment program that provides one-time investments to equip extremely poor women and their families with the skills, productive assets, and social support necessary to increase their incomes and escape poverty.

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Gypsy and Tribal Empowerment (GATE)

Gypsy, Dalit and tribal and communities suffer from inadequate housing, low-paying jobs, and insufficient food. While larger impoverished groups receive attention from the local government and humanitarian organizations, smaller groups of fewer than 100 families are often overlooked. This is where Harvest Bridge steps in.

Gypsy and Tribal Empowerment (GATE) was started in Tamil Nadu, India by a local HB partner, to train pastors and provide community development services to gypsy and tribal people. This includes helping them gain rights to land, education, job training, and proper water and electricity supplies. Over twenty communities, consisting of several thousand families, have benefited from this ministry.

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Disaster relief

Not only do our partners face natural disasters, violence, and political upheaval, they are ready to respond to these circumstances on behalf of others. When a disaster hits, our partners develop a plan to provide relief, and we supply financial resources through our emergency funds or grants from other organizations like Samaritan's Purse and UMCOR. Whether an earthquake in Nepal, flooding in Pakistan or a cyclone in India, our partners are dedicated to serving others, even at their own risk.

Our relief efforts typically provide emergency assistance to the hardest-hit areas and most overlooked groups, with the goal of helping families get back on their feet and resume healthy lives. Our partners also train communities to prepare effectively for future disasters. In 2019 alone, over 5,000 people were helped through these efforts.

Through disaster relief and preparedness projects, we have seen age-old ethnic prejudices subside and sometimes disappear. Relief efforts have also fostered goodwill in many communities, opening doors wide for the Gospel.

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