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Partnering on COVID-19 Relief

In this ever-changing, unprecedented situation, we know that NGOs, churches and businesses are assessing how they can best help. If getting food into the hands of those who need it most is part of your response, Harvest Bridge may be able to help.

Harvest Bridge is well-positioned to respond through our South Asian partners, who are "boots on the ground" throughout the region. We have a network of hundreds of trusted local pastors, missionaries, and leaders, many of whom have carried out numerous disaster relief projects over the years. The greatest need they can currently meet is safely distributing food to marginalized people who are less likely to receive government help because of their religion, ethnicity, caste or location. Our countries of focus for food relief are India, Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, and Nepal.

If food is available for purchase and our local partners have the funds, they can distribute food safely to those who need it most. Of course, the details will look different in each country and region, depending on the specific situation.

Already it is evident that because of bureaucracy, bias and/or corruption, many vulnerable people cannot obtain the food they need to survive. We're hearing from our leaders that in some cases, minority religious groups (Muslims in India, for example) and low-caste people have been passed over for help. Others in remote places need to purchase food before government assistance reaches them. Some can't get help because they lack the proper documentation needed to receive rations.

Because our local partners know the specific dynamics of their communities, can identify the marginalized, and are experienced with relief programs, they are well-positioned to help those in greatest need. As such, we believe they can be part of your response to hunger during this time.

Please let us know if we can partner with you in South Asia. Send us an email at

In Christ,

Kate Therese, 

Executive Director

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