Dear friends,

We are looking for mid-tier laptops in good condition for some of our country and regional leaders. We are asking for Windows 10 computers only at this stage. The computers will mainly be used for reporting, emailing, and sermon/teaching preparation. We are able to wipe the computer and set it up for use. But you can also click here for instructions to wipe the computer on your own.

Below are some basic parameters of the kind of computer we’re looking for. You can read this article to learn how to check whether your computer fits these specifications.

We’re looking for:

Hard drive: SSD

RAM: 4-8 GB

CPU: i3 or higher Intel, 3000 series or higher AMD

OS: Windows 10. 


We are also looking for used phones, no more than two years old. Android or iPhone both work. These will also be used mainly for office related work, and taking photos and videos. 

This is an ongoing need, so we can accept these throughout the year. However, we do have an opportunity to bring some devices to India in a couple of weeks. So if you wanted to help us within that window of time, we would need the computer no later than March 21st. If you live in the greater Columbus Ohio area or greater Grove City Pennsylvania area, we can arrange to the pick the device up from you directly. 

Otherwise, you can send to:
P.O. Box 284
Grove City,
PA 16127

Thank you!