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Urgent Prayer Request from Nepal

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Update March 15, 2016

From Pastor Samuel*:

"Thank you so much for praying for us. I have attached the draft bill of anti-conversion [section 156, beginning at bottom of first page].

For our part, we are approaching the government through proper channels to discard that anti-conversion bill, which is against the spirit of secularism. Nepal is a secular state, which is unchangeable in the new constitution, but the government is coming against that, and targeting the Christian community.

Please continuously pray for us, for God can change anything. He is the Almighty one and He has all power and authority on this earth and heaven. We can trust Him in this critical time.

Thanking you so much."

We received this urgent email regarding a new anti-conversion law, from our Nepal coordinator, Pastor Samuel*, March 14, 2016. 

"Praise the Lord.

Nepal was the only Hindu nation in the world until the new constitution declared Nepal a secular country on 20th of September 2015. On that day we thought that, in a sense, we had won 50% of battle against the power of darkness.... But today they are drafting an anti-conversion law which would be deadly against the spirit of secularism. 

We sensed what they are drafting is totally against the practices of Christian community. If they implement that new law then we will be limited only in the Church and we won't be able to evangelize in the country. We want total freedom as well to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ freely to every nation.

They have drafted the following in the law:

Preaching, testifying, and counselling people for religious matter and leading them to new religion other than their forefathers’ traditions is considered as crime. The punishment is 5 years imprisonment as well as Nrs 50000/ fine for those who break the Law.

There are many more things against the Church they have planned. I will write you more.

This is very serious and we are asking all the believers throughout the country to fast and pray so that things may miraculously change. So we also request you to stand with us in prayer.

Thanking you so much."

*Name changed for safety