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Urgent: Prayer and Support Needed for Pakistan

Kate Therese ·

The Peshawar Attack of school children and their teachers happened nearly a month ago. The effects of this attack continue to ripple through Pakistan as families mourn, individuals fear for their safety, and the government takes preventative measures against another attack. 

Sameer* is Harvest Bridge's Pakistan coordinator and runs a school in a city south of Lahore, the Genesis School. Please read his email, and consider giving to this school's needs in the aftermath of the attack.

This is a practical way to help those affected by the Peshawar Attack.

"Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Last month on 16 December 2014, a group of terrorists attacked on one of the schools in Pakistan where they killed more than 141 kids and some teachers during the school time. Since then schools have been closed until the Government announced to re-open the schools...on Monday, 12 January 2015. All schools were given the orders by the authorities to install security cameras, have security guards and remodel boundary walls. If any school does not do it, the school will be shut down

Our school, The Genesis School [does] not have the resources to buy security cameras. Two cameras cost $300. Also, we do not have the capacity to pay the security guards salaries which would be around $250 for two guards per month (125$ each). Our school urgently needs a one time donation of $300 and also a commitment from friends for a regular support of salaries for security guards. Please pray and help us so that our school will not be shut down.

We need you, so please do not ignore this.

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support.


Your bro Sameer


Paigaam Ministries Pakistan"

*Name changed for safety