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Urgent: Genesis School in Pakistan

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The Genesis School is run by several Pakistani missionaries in Eastern Pakistan. Unique for Pakistan, not only do Muslim, Christian, and Hindu children attend together, but the teachers are both Muslim and Christian. 

The Genesis School has shown a Muslim community that Christians are willing to love their children and work toward common goals.

This in addition to educating dozens of children who are too poor or ostracized to have the opportunity to attend school otherwise. 

We need your help. Please read this message from the director of the school, Samson*. 

"Dear friends of Harvest Bridge,

Two weeks ago four gunmen entered into Bacha Khan University, Peshawar and opened fire on students and teachers, leaving behind so many dead and injured.

In December 2014, the terrorists had attacked a school in Peshawar where more than 160 kids and teachers were killed during school time.

A week ago, our government closed all the schools due to some threats by the terrorists. 

During this time the authorities released orders to the government and private schools to take security measures, including three security guards, one on the main gate and two on the rooftop. We also need to have in the school a siren, fire extinguisher, first aid boxes, scanner, security gate, barriers, etc.

We need $1000 urgently one time for all the security arrangements and at least two security guards, since our school building is small and surrounded by other houses in the colony. So two security guards will be enough. We need $400 in monthly commitments from friends and partners.

For the past 3 years, The Genesis School has contributed much in the lives of tiny little kids who had no hope of going to school. We are serving in a tough place and in tough circumstances, but by the Grace of God, it has progressed much in a short period of time. We have 46 kids in the school right now.

Please help with one time and monthly funds to help provide protection to our school kids.

Please help urgently as we cannot open school until we have these arrangements. If we don't, our school will be sealed by the authorities.

Proverbs 19:17: "One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, and He will repay him for his good deed."

Most of all, please pray for peace in our beloved country. Thank you.

In Christ,


*Name changed for security

You can give to this urgent need below. Funds given to the Pakistan ministry at this time will be directed to The Genesis School. In addition, if you know of a Christian school or ministry that would be interested in sponsoring this project, please email us at