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Update on Pakistan

Kate Therese ·

Recently, we asked for prayer over our partners in Pakistan due to the political turmoil, and a blasphemy charge against a Christian in their community.

Please, continue in your prayer.

Sameer* and his family have gone into hiding because of the danger they are facing (read here for background).

He has been able to send short emails periodically, but we are not able to know all the details surrounding their situation because of safety reasons. Sameer is our director of ministry in Pakistan, and he and his family have faithfully served the Lord, and are used to facing persecution. 

In a six month report from June, before the increased threat, Sameer wrote,

"preaching in Pakistan is dangerous. Not only do people try to beat, or even kill us, but we do not have much freedom to work for Christ. Everything we do for Christ must be done carefully. However, God is good!"

In fact, he ends most reports with that truth, that God is good. Sameer does not simply say it, he lives it. In the six months between December and June, he shared the gospel with 10,000 people. This is not to boast about his human work, but to emphasize how God is able to use someone who is so fully devoted to His work, and who puts their full faith in the Father, even in the face of persecution. 

This is not only true of Sameer, but also of many of Harvest Bridge's partners, both in Pakistan, and in other countries. They are by no means perfect, or always meek and full of faith. However, these men and women continue on with the strength of the Holy Spirit, which every Christ follower has access to. We are their fellow saints, so let us pray because we are one body in Christ, and whatever happens to one member, affects the rest of the members.

Thank you for reading, and as we get more information from Sameer and his family, we will update this information.