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5 Reasons We're Thankful in 2015~Thousands impacted by poverty alleviation & disaster relief!

Harvest Bridge ·

2015 has been a busy, fruitful year for HB’s relief and development programs!

We are so thankful for the many ways our national partners demonstrated the Gospel through economic development, disaster relief, and other humanitarian projects.

Highlights include:

420 families affected by heavy flooding in Pakistan were provided with relief supplies through the work of our partners. Our Pakistani partners also provided Disaster Risk Reduction training to flood-prone communities and conducted hygiene and sanitation training in the Thar Desert. They plan to expand these efforts in 2016.


Partners in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar and Pakistan worked diligently to enroll underprivileged children in schools. Over 1000 children now attend school through their efforts, creating opportunities for the Gospel and enabling these communities to rise above crushing poverty.

Our 26 Nepalese partners reached four remote villages in areas hardest-hit by the earthquakes in April and May, supplying aid to over 2000 survivors.

Gypsy and Tribal Empowerment (GATE) continues to help oppressed and marginalized peoples in Southern India through vocational training, children’s education, and the launch of two businesses that employ the poor in 2015. 

To come alongside us as we scale up our ability to help indigenous missionaries demonstrate the Gospel to the least and the lost, please consider a gift to Seeds for the Harvest