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Kate Therese ·

Sarah* was raised in a Christian family in north central Pakistan. She knew the Lord from childhood, but it was not until 1999, as a 20 year old that she accepted Jesus as her personal savior. Now her focus is on women's ministry, which takes a certain level of ingenuity in Pakistan. We began supporting her ministry in early 2013.

She says, "I work with home-bound women who do not go to any churches or prayer meetings for fellowship.

I go door-to-door to meet with them and tell them what I know from the Bible. Once a week, if it’s possible for the women to come, I gather them together and we worship the Lord, talk about the Bible, and pray together. I have been serving the Lord for the last 15 years. The accomplishment of my ministry is that I have taken the Word of God to those women who cannot go out of their homes to hear the gospel.

If I had not gone to them, I say with confidence that perhaps they would have never heard the gospel. Though I also confess that it was truly God who sent me to them.

The interesting fact is that I preach to those women who are too shy to go out, or

they cannot go out of their homes due to some restrictions set by the male-dominant society in Pakistan. I dare to go into their homes and pray with them there."

Sarah's ministry is truly a bold one. She is doing full time women's ministry within male dominant, Muslim homes. In the area she works, most women cannot leave their homes, so she takes the church to them

True to Harvest Bridge's ministry model, we came alongside Sarah as she was doing something with nothing. She did not wait for women to come to her, or wait until she had funds for travel, she simply began going to door to door. Since January of 2013, over 5,000 individuals, mainly  women, have heard the Gospel through her work, 34 of whom have accepted Christ and been baptized.

Pray for Sarah and her ministry, as well as the women to whom she is ministering. Pray for hearts to continually be changed, for protection against persecution, and for more women to join in Sarah's ministry full time. We pray as the new year approaches that Sarah's story will inspire you to look for new ways to bring the Church to those around you.

P.S. One of Sarah's current goals is also to start a sewing center which she says "will give the continual opportunity to preach the gospel to women". She only needs 10 sewing machines in order to pursue this opportunity on a larger scale! If you feel led to give to this project, follow the button below. Or give to our general fund!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

*Name changed for safety