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Stories from Sri Lanka

Kate Therese ·

Between July and December of this past year, through 11 Sri Lankan church planters, 1345 people heard the Gospel. Of those, 304 individuals accepted Christ, and so far, 60 have been baptized! This all happened during a heated and drawn out election in their country. Here are just a few encouraging stories, and prayer requests from the field.

Mr. Lavindra* and his wife, Mrs. Asuntha*, are believers in our church. They have a 3-month old baby named Renuka*. Suddenly, Renuka became very sick, and doctors could not identify the sickness. The couple took the baby to my home for prayer. I prayed for Renuka and her parents; I also told Mrs. Asuntha she must breastfeed the child and continue praying. Next week at our Sunday service, they came with big smiling faces and shared that God healed the baby completely!" ~Ruwan*

Continue to pray for hearts and minds to be changed by the Gospel throughout Sri Lanka!

*Names Changed for Safety