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Stories from Nepal

Kate Therese ·

In Nepal during the last six months 26 church planters shared the Gospel with 6189 men, women, and children. 1465 individuals accepted Christ, and 463 have been baptized so far.

Baptism is a serious commitment in a country where Christians are routinely persecuted, usually by their family members. Pastors we work with make sure
new believers are discipled before baptism, so they are ready for the challenges they are promised to face. 

Below are several beautiful and miraculous stories of these new believers, as well as a taste of the persecution our church planters face.

  • "A Hindu lady by the name of Reeta*, 39 and unmarried, was a drunkard. She lived alone in rented rooms, and because she was a drunkard she was very loud every night. All the house owners threw her out of their houses because of this. When we were preaching the Gospel of Jesus we met her and shared the Good News. She didn't believe us, and instead she started shouting at us, using foul language. But we didn't give up hope and we preached to her every day. Finally, one day, she was ready to hear us. We shared the Gospel of Jesus to her, and at last she knelt down, full of tears. She accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and savior. Now she is not a drunkard, and comes to the church regularly."~Anjay*
  • "When we minister in village areas, non-Christians simply oppose our preaching. One day when they heard me share the Gospel, they wanted to cause a lot of trouble to me, but by the grace of God I was miraculously protected from the stones they threw to me." ~Anil*
  • "A Hindu man, Balram*, age 36, is married and had one daughter, Laxmi* who was suffering from fibromyalgia. Her whole body ached and made it difficult to work. When I was preaching, I met Bishal and shared with him the gospel of Jesus. He didn't believe me and instead blamed me for wasting his time. He didn't listen, but his daughter was quite interested. She asked me to tell her everything. She believed and promised to come to our church with her family. Next Saturday she came to the church, along with her father and mother. We prayed for Balram and Laxmi, and they both came to every church fellowship. After five weeks of prayer, she was completely healed, and the whole family confessed all their sin. Now the whole family is faithful and comes to church regularly."~Shankar*
  • "My niece, Goma*, is 17 and unmarried, and was a a Hindu. One day while she was walking, a sharp piece of wood fell from a tree and hit her in the stomach. She was covered in blood immediately. Her family took her to the hospital. When she came back home she was very ill and weak, and wasn't interested in doing anything or talking to anybody. She was kept in a separate room by her family. I went to meet and pray for her, and I made soup for her. She became a little brighter. I went and prayed for her every day. Day by day her condition became good and fine. Then she was completely healed. One day she came to me and said that she wanted to accept Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior, and that my prayer had saved her life. Although her family are not Christians, she comes to our church regularly, and is a baptized Christian."~Sova*
  • "Radhika*, age 27, is married and recently had a daughter. Radhika continued to hemorrhage after the birth, and it was very serious. Because of this, her baby was suffering from malnutrition. Her husband washed all her dirty clothes and did all the household work, as well as going out for work. During this time I met her husband and shared the Gospel of Jesus. I also led them in prayer and fellowship. Now, Radhika is completely healed and can even do the household work again. Now, her whole family are Christians, and come to Church
  • "When we minister in tribal areas, non-Christians, especially drunkards, oppose our preaching and disturb us very much. One day, one of our church members was preaching the gospel to the people in ones of these areas. Non-Christians tried to beat him, but fortunately he was able to escape safely. Later on those people came to our Church." ~Lalita* 

Thank you for your continued prayer and support!

*Names changed for safety