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Stories from Bhutan

Kate Therese ·

As a Buddhist Kingdom, and one of the most secluded countries in the world, Bhutan is a mysterious country to many. One which outsiders have almost no access, and if they do, only through  government run tours. Many only know it as the country that measures Gross National Happiness (GNH). 

In reality, Bhutan is a dangerous place to be a Christian, one where the government shuts down churches, arrests Christians, and denies rights to those who do not practice Buddhism . However, God is at work, and Harvest Bridge is blessed to come alongside 23 indigenous pastors. In this country of 750,000 people, 3,985 heard the Gospel485 accepted Christ, and 110 were baptized in 2014! 

Here are testimonies and points of prayer:

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Names changed for safety*