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September 2015 Newsletter ~ Seeds for the Harvest

Tim M. ·

Dear Friends,

Some years ago I had an insight that changed my life. The great suffering in the world depressed me; at times I felt almost paralyzed with hopelessness. By God’s grace, I found a better way. 

I realized it was far better to do something to alleviate suffering than to feel depressed about it. 

That day, I gave up misplaced empathy and substituted responsible action. This has been the key both to greater peace and greater fruitfulness. It is in this spirit that I write to you, not to arouse guilty feelings, but to talk sensibly about priorities we share.

Suppose you were asked to volunteer for two weeks to handle the office work necessary to conduct a rescue effort to help 1,500 disaster survivors. Would you be able to do it? Now, suppose this opportunity came to you over and over. How often could you afford to help – each time donating two weeks to provide lifesaving aid?

Or suppose that you could provide crucial support for missionaries facing poverty and oppression, helping these missionaries raise money, report to donors, and get their news out. How much time could you afford to volunteer for them? What if well over 200 missionaries needed this type of help?

Suppose you also encountered many other opportunities to do good – for orphans, and homeless persons, and other needy groups – and that each opportunity required your time and energy but would greatly assist people in serious need. How much would you, could you do?

These are familiar situations to Harvest Bridge. Our biggest supporters are other mission agencies and NGOs, such as Voice of the Martyrs, Global Commission Partners and UMCOR, who designate their donations for specific high-impact projects. They pay the costs overseas, but it is our responsibility to provide the project administration and oversight. We are honored by their vote of confidence and grateful for their partnership. This opportunity brings a challenge. Who will design the projects and manage the 500 or so pages of paperwork they require each year? Who will handle the finances, accounting and legal responsibilities necessary for sound management?

Volunteers will remain part of the solution, but it isn’t practical for most of our supporters to volunteer directly for Harvest Bridge. 

Consider, though, that you volunteer indirectly whenever you donate a portion of your earnings. Each dollar is a gift of the time it required you to earn it. 

Through giving, you have volunteered many hours each year, giving a portion of your labor to support what God is doing in Asia! Like the small rudder that steers the large boat, your donations have enabled us to provide the services needed to mobilize contributions by larger NGOs. Without you, this work would not be possible! I wish you could see firsthand the difference that your donations have made. They have been a wise investment in our proven ministry model.

Will you join us as we increase kingdom impact by scaling up our model through the Seeds for the Harvest Growth Campaign? On our Ways to Give page, you can make both one-time and monthly donations by credit card, cost-effective e-check, or through various non-cash methods.

So, there is no need for you to carry the heavy burden of the problems of the world. Instead, please continue to respond to God’s call to help. 

Thank you for choosing Harvest Bridge as one of the ways you help a hurting world!

Tim M., President

"Go eat the best food, drink the best wine, and give something to those who have nothing, since this day is holy to our Lord. Don't be sorrowful, because the joy of the LORD is your strength." ~ Nehemiah 8:10