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To reach Tibetans is my highest goal

Kate Therese ·

Rose* is 20 years old, and has established a thriving children's ministry within several Tibetan refugee camps on the Nepal/Tibet border. Her ministry reaches not only children, but whole families. We began supporting this young Nepalese missionary shortly after she turned 18, in the summer of 2012.  Since then, she and 2-3 other volunteers in her area have  led 125 individuals to Christ, many of whom were the parents of the children she works with.    

Currently she works mainly with the Shangri La people of Tibet, a highly under-reached people group. Rose's testimony below may not sound that unlike others raised in a Christian family. Where God has led her, however, is remarkable. Below is Rose's testimony from 2012, when she was 18 years old.

"I was raised in a Christian family but there was a lot of suffering in my family. When I was young my parents didn't have a job, or enough resources to handle the family and raise me. But the Lord Jesus came and helped my family. They got a job and raised me in a good way. 

My family suffered a lot while I was growing up. But in those sufferings God always came and helped us. So I started to believe that He is truly God and He helps His children. 

After I began to have a faith in Christ I started to share about Him to my friends, but they denied it and told me to not talk about it anymore and they made fun of the Almighty Lord. But still   I prayed and asked God to forgive them, and I prayed for them every day. After my long prayer, God heard it and my friends believed. 

Through this I also got a great faith in Christ and knew that He hears our prayer in need and helps us

Now I am helping with the youth of my church and helping with the Sunday school too. Helping the youth has been a great work for me. As they are of my age I can easily motivate them in good ways and they have been listening to me and believing in Christ. And helping in the Sunday school makes me happy to teach the word of God to the children".

In her most recent report, Rose wrote, "Please pray for the complete spiritual and physical healing of the children of Tibetan refugees. Please pray for my ministry among them, for I have a great burden in my heart to establish the Church among Tibetan refugees

I want to reach every Tibetan refugee child's parent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for me that I may humble myself to accomplish great things for our Lord. So I may have power from the Holy Spirit….

Pray that I may lead at least 60 Tibetan people who are totally committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. And pray that I may reach one more refugee camp with the Gospel of Christ."

Below are a few stories and prayer requests of Rose.

"A man named Gagan*, aged 27, is an unmarried businessman on the Tibet border. For 3 weeks, his business had gone very bad, which is when I met him. He told me about his last business and the loss going on for him. I told him about Jesus and that He can overcome any problem may it be large or small. I shared the gospel to him regularly and also took him to our underground church. After that, he confessed his sins and decided to spend his life as a Christian. He is now a secret Christian and is trying to share gospel to his business partners as well. He is a secret Christian because if the people found out that he is a Christian, they may kill him."

"A man named Aakash; age 32 and unmarried was a thief. He used to steal things from people's houses, and he was once found stealing in my house. When I caught him stealing, he tried to threaten me by showing his knife. I told him that I would not do anything to him or call police.

I shared with him the gospel of God for three hours in the night. It was 10 pm. I preached to him till 1 am. At last he knelt down and confessed all his sins. He returned to me all my things and promised to stop stealing. The very next day, he accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. Now he is a good Christian and has started another job and stopped stealing".

"Please pray for the protection of God from the Buddhists. Pray for me as    Tibetans believe that Christianity is a foreign God. One man told me not to speak about God because all things happen naturally and that no one is creating anything."

"To reach the Tibetans is my highest goal."

*Names changed for safety