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Lindsey R. ·

Lindsey is a Grove City College student, currently interning with Harvest Bridge in India. Below is the story of a girl who has been impacted by our GATE ministry in South India. 

I would like to introduce you to Satia Pria. She is 14 years old and lives in a gypsy village.

She lives in a village that GATE (Gypsy and Tribal Empowerment) has been working in and supporting for over 10 years. Her village is an example of how these missionaries are transforming each camp with the love of Christ.

The village now has a women's ministry, a bible study, a new water pump, and a night school. About 10 of the children are attending public schools through sponsorship programs.

Satia Pria is one of the children who has recently started attending school through the sponsorship program. She was on her way back from school when she stopped to talk with me.

Satia is currently in 6th grade and wakes up every morning at 6:00 a.m. to help her mother, and then walks a quarter of a mile to school, which starts at 8:00. 

Her favorite subjects to learn are math and reading. Her best friends are Dipica, Annashee and Sugee.

Satia is the only Christian in her school. This, along with being a gypsy, means she is rejected, making school difficult socially. Although she has friends, she is not allowed to go to any of the non-gypsy, Hindu homes. 

Many of her fellow students and teachers reject her because of her caste and faith. As a Christian she does not receive the same benefits from the school that the Hindu and Muslim children receive.

However, when she talked about school she could not stop smiling! 

She told me she loved going to school because she enjoys learning and entering into another culture, seeing the culture and behavior outside of her gypsy village. 

She describes school as a "paradise" because she is given a shower and food before her classes begin.

Satia loves learning and practicing her English, and her school teaches Tamil, Hindi and English. She hopes to become a doctor one day and wants to help her gypsy people by giving back to them after she finishes her schooling and gets a job.

This girl is so inspiring. 

She brings her Bible to school with her and tries to read and sing worship songs with her friends. She truly is a missionary in her own school! 

When you see children leaving for school in the morning, please pray for Satia and children like her who desperately desire an education and who are boldly sharing Christ in their schools.

You can have a direct influence in the lives of children like Satia! Through Hope Through Education, you can support education programs within GATE, as well as programs in all eight countries where Harvest Bridge works.