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Urgent: Pakistan Persecution

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We have an urgent need unfolding in Pakistan. 

Persecution is common in Pakistan. Our 17 national missionaries are no strangers to physical and verbal abuse because of sharing the Gospel. 

One of our leaders on the ground, Samuel*, is very familiar with persecution and the threat it poses to him and his family. He has trained dozens of pastors, helped hundreds of families through disaster relief and clean water projects, and preached the Gospel to thousands. He has done ministry in some of the most dangerous areas of Pakistan.  

"Preaching in Pakistan is dangerous. Not only do people try to beat or even kill us, but we do not have much freedom to work for Christ. Everything we do for Christ must be done carefully. However, God is good!" ~Samuel

For the past two years, two separate Islamic groups have been following him, threatening him and his family. Recently, two other groups began targeting him, including a high-ranking government official. 

Now, it has gone so far that his children can't leave their home without the possibility of kidnapping. Samuel, his wife, and other relatives can't leave home without the possibility of imprisonment or death. 

The threat on their lives also endangers all the Christians in their area. When one family is attacked, it is common in Pakistan for a whole community to be attacked as well. Often entire colonies will be burned to the ground - especially if it's a blasphemy case, which Samuel might be unlawfully charged with.

We are working with several organizations to help relocate the family. God has opened doors, and we are praying for wisdom to guide our next steps. 

We are not yet sure whether these other organizations will be able to help financially. Your support will go a long way, not only in helping this family but in helping the community around them. You can give below to the General Pakistan ministry, and your gifts will be directed to this need. 

In everything, we are trusting that God will be glorified. Wherever they are, He will continue to use this faithful family for His work.

Names changed for safety*