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Pain...and New Life ~ Prayer and Praise Update

Kate Therese ·

As the world watches in horror over the atrocities in Iraq, our partners in South Asia are joining in prayer. Some of them are facing intense persecution as well. 

Our Pakistani Director, Sameer*, has told us, "things in Pakistan are bad, very bad. There is political, social and religious unrest right now.

We cannot go out of homes because of the fear of being tortured, arrested or persecuted....Please please please pray for Pakistan and the protection of Christians in my town."

There are two separate reasons this is happening:

1. Members of organized crime accused Sameer's small Christian community of blasphemy.  This is a trumped up charge to punish the community for getting one of their gang members imprisoned. A few years ago a charge of blasphemy 20 miles from Sameer incited mob violence that prompted 3000 radical Muslims to burn 250 Christian homes, so the prospect of violence is very real.                                                                                                

2.  Secondly, as Sameer states it, "political parties in Pakistan are fighting with each other due to which the common man is suffering."

Essentially, a rebel is leading a revolt, which affects all of Pakistan, but especially Lahore, where Sameer and several other pastors live. You can learn more here.

Prayer makes a tangible difference. Please join us in prayer over Sameer in Pakistan, our Christian family in Iraq, and all others facing persecution today.  

With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints ~Ephesians 6:18 

Even in the light of tragedy, we can celebrate new life!

Our director of pastors in Burma/Myanmar, Brother Maung*, celebrated the birth of his son on August 10!

Join us in praying over this precious child.

By God's grace the mother and child are healthy, however, Brother Maung's wife had serious complications while giving birth. This required emergency surgery which cost $575, a sum for which this missionary family does not have resources. 

We ask you to pray, but we also ask you to consider making a financial donation to this faithful family. You can give below. It will help them immensely.

Thank you for your prayer for our brothers and sisters in South Asia. They pray for you too.