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On October 11th, Cyclone Titli struck the east coast of India. The states of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa (also known as Odisha) were most affected. At least 77 people were killed, not including those who died in the aftermath.

Damage in the two states is estimated at $905 million. The cyclone caused the most destruction in hilly districts slightly inland from the coast, which are much less well-prepared for cyclones compared to the coastal districts.

Although the cyclone occurred last month, many communities have not been reached with much-needed aid either because they are too remote and difficult to reach, or because their caste makes them a lower priority for the government.

You can help. 

Because they know the affected areas well, our Indian missionaries are able to reach some of these villages in Orissa. Just $40 will provide a family with life-saving supplies - food, hygiene items, blankets, mosquito nets, etc. This gives families the ability to get back on their feet and rebuild instead of living hand to mouth, only being able to survive day to day. 

For many, this can be the difference between life and death.

With our years of experience conducting relief projects, we can confidently say your gift means so much and goes so far.

Below is a description from one of our Indian partners of the aftermath of Cyclone Titli:

"Titli damaged thousands of houses. Many families have had to leave their homes, and some are in relief camps. Out of fear they ran away from home for their lives, with a single dress, and they are surviving with that. 

Some families lost all of their things. Children became orphans in no time, some have become widows and widowers. It is an awful situation. Titli brought timidity, fear, and helplessness into the heart of each and every person in our community. There is no life guarantee. Anything can happen to a human being at any point of time.

When the house roofs were blown away and the walls collapsed, water filled the houses and food items and other belongings were totally damaged. The houses of the villages which were under landslides were filled with mud and rocks. Stored rice, lentils, and other items were all lost, and at present the people struggle for their daily food.

It is the harvest season time. Rice paddies, maize, wheat, and other crops were blown away or submerged in the water. All the trees were destroyed as well. We depend on farming for our survival, but this cyclone has turned our harvest land into a barren land. 

The people not only lost the crops, but also lost their domestic animals. Because of terrible Titli, all our community's people have lost their domestic animals, like cows, goats, buffaloes and hens, within the blink of an eye. So at present, most of the people are without domestic animals, with which they gained their livelihood too.

Because of heavy rains, the existing drinking water sources - wells, streams, and tube wells - have become contaminated. Now people are not getting clean and safe drinking water. They are using this contaminated water as their drinking water. It is certain that there is a possibility for the outbreak of killer diseases like diarrhea, jaundice, typhoid, scabies, and water-borne diseases in the near future.

Due to the cyclone, all kinds of inconveniences have been caused, especially in communication. Because of heavy rainfall, landslides took place, and continual flooding has broken and uprooted many trees to fall across the roads. This made it impossible to reach many places. All types of network connections were disconnected. We were unable inform the medical and government offices. Information systems lapsed. 

From the day of Titli, there has been no electricity in the rural or urban areas. Now people are spending time without electricity. They have become friends of darkness. Especially there is a fear of snake bites and different poisonous insects. There are especially more risks for the new born babies, pregnant mothers, and old age men and women. It may take more than another month to get electricity in the villages again."

Please join us in praying for all those affected, and consider supporting our relief effort.