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Nepal Storm Disaster Relief

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On Sunday, March 31, a severe thunderstorm swept through parts of southern Nepal; it demolished homes, killed dozens of people, and injured hundreds more. Buses full of people were overturned, power lines were ripped down, and farm land was destroyed. 

Nepal typically experiences heavy storms in April and May, but by all counts, this storm was uncharacteristically intense. Although it is not a large-scale disaster that gets international attention, the devastation is the same for the individuals and families impacted. 

Our local leader says,

"The army, police, and local organizations have distributed biscuits, juice, and noodles, but these were not enough for the victims. These victims have not received initial relief materials to meet their basic needs, and they are obligated to sleep under the open sky."

Here's how you can help: Our local partners on the ground are already in these villages doing all they can to help, even with highly limited resources. With your support, they can help for just $60 per family. Each family will receive food for several weeks, a tarp for temporary shelter as they rebuild their homes, hygiene kits, blankets, mosquito nets, and basic medical care. 

As simple as it seems, this help is often the difference between life and death - or at the very least, the difference between years of rebuilding versus just months of rebuilding. The great majority of people affected by this storm were poor farmers. Many of them lost their livelihood, as well as their loved ones and homes. By providing for their basic needs, storm survivors can focus on rebuilding their businesses, homes, and lives instead of living hand to mouth, searching for food and supplies.

Thank you!!