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Nepal Earthquake Thanks & Update

Kate Therese ·

This letter of thanks and update is from our head coordinator and church planter in Nepal, Pastor Simeon*:

"Dear Prayer partners, supporters, friends, and well-wishers, on behalf of our Nepal earthquake relief team, we, along with thousands of earthquake victims, bring greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We have recently experienced devastating earthquakes on April 25, 26, and May 12, with magnitudes of 7.9, 6.9 and 7.4. They were breathtakingly dreadful and dangerous earthquakes. By the grace of our Almighty God, who we continuously serve, we were saved while worshiping Him in church. Our community was in the church while the earthquake was going on. 

Many Christians could have been killed because the earthquakes happened when many others were also worshiping in church. But it was the power of God that controlled the earthquake and saved so many of us. We experienced the power of our God, whom we serve and worship.

We have no words to explain His mercies. 

Almost 9000 of our countrymen and women lost their lives, 22,000 people were injured, maimed, and left disabled for rest of their lives. More than 500,000 houses completely collapsed, and 250,000 houses are damaged too much to live in. We have seen massive loss of human life. Schools, government offices, hospitals, and many more places have been destroyed in Nepal. Wealth has been wiped out. After the devastating earthquake, still we experience many aftershocks. More than four times a day sometimes. If we counted since the first earthquake, it would have been more than 1000 aftershocks.

Dear friends, we want to take this space to especially thank you for your meaningful support and prayers for the earthquake victims of Nepal. Because of your support we were able to extend relief to earthquake victims, and especially to those families who are in the remote areas where no one had been able to reach.

We were able to help with food packages, water, tents, and other daily necessities to more than 300 families, over 1500 people, in three villages in Sindhupalchowk district-Baramchi, Chaku and Hinndi. The following week, we were able to help another 100 families, about 550 people, in another remote village. 

In total, over 2,000 people were saved through your support.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your support and prayers in standing with us in this very difficult situation. We have been greatly encouraged to know that you are standing with us, on our side to comfort and help us. We have nothing to pay you back.

Even though we are suffering from the threat and danger of another earthquake, we have not ceased to travel, teach, train, motivate, and inspire God's people to carry on the vision to establish churches throughout Nepal.

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Simeon* "

We truly thank you for your continued prayer and support of these 34 Nepalese church planters.

Ministry does not end in the face of crisis. It expands and deepens. 

*Name changed for safety