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Myanmar Persecution September 2015

Kate Therese ·

We just received very disturbing news from Myanmar. Please pray. 

Our coordinator, Pastor Paul* shares what happened:

"I am shocked to give you this news. Last night at about 10:00 pm, I got a call from one of my church members. There is a widow living with her only daughter who is just 11 years old. The girl was kidnapped and sexually attacked by one of their Muslim neighbors. With my church leaders, the girl was brought in to the hospital. Pray for her mother as they face such persecution.

The girl was taken away for about four hours. With the help of our Christian community, the girl was rescued and our church brought her to the hospital.

I went to that girl in the hospital this morning again and she has come back home now. They are good believers in my church and the small girl was attending Sunday church regularly.   

This situation was caused for religious reasons, and it was because the girl is a Christian. I had a long talk with the mother and she told me this. The extremists told the girl's mother that 'we hate Christians, and we have been looking for a chance to kill both of you as well as your pastor and your church leaders'. She continued to tell me with tears that, 'God is so gracious to keep me and my daughter safe and alive'. 

The case was put before the police but nothing was worked out yet. It seems the extremists bribed the authorities with money.

We are so sad about this news. Now the problem is, this family will have to move and rent another house in a safe place. It is a hard time for them since they are full of fear and have no money to move. We can try to help them move to a safe place and rent a house for them and help the mother to start a good business.  

Pray that this persecution will not be continued as the mother lives full of fear. Pray also for their safety in the future.  

Thank you so much for your prayer toward this persecuted family and our ministry here in Myanmar.    

In Christ,

Bro. Paul"

We are working with another organization to cover the medical, legal, and relocation expenses. We will keep you updated on this family and church. Click here to give to our Myanmar (Burma) ministry. 

Thank you for your prayer and support. 

*Name changed for safety