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Myanmar (Burma) Updates Fall 2015

Kate Therese ·

We are so encouraged by what God is doing through our national missionaries in Myanmar! We are thankful for the help of Voice of the Martyrs in purchasing much needed motorcycles for these missionaries. It has had a significant impact on their ministries. Many have accepted Christ as their savior. As discipleship is integral to this ministry, we are praising God for over 400 men and women who have been discipled and have now been baptized, a step that requires commitment and brings persecution.

These stories of praise, persecution, and prayer point directly to Christ. Be encouraged and driven to prayer!

Our God is so good to us. He answered our prayers and blessed our ministry beyond our expectation. 

Through our prayers and our ministry efforts, many sick people have been healed and found salvation. We have started Bible studies and formed home-cell groups, so that that the new believers will have more chances to learn the word of God. ~ Paul*   

Many of the times when I face opposition, the Lord has protected me and strengthened me. He answered my prayers and kept me safe from the hands of Satan. ~ Simon*

Since I am a Buddhist convert serving as missionary, I find more opportunities to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ among the Buddhist community. I started sharing about what they worship (Gautama) and when they become interested in listening to me, I start introducing them to Christ who saved us from the bondage of sin. I lead a study of the word of God, and I explain about salvation through the Gospel tracts. When they become believers I lead them in how to pray. ~ Nathan*  

Through our ministry efforts, some non-Christians’ children have come to the knowledge of salvation. These lovely children are forbidden to go to Sunday school church by their parents. Many times, we are warned not to continue our worship services. We are told not to preach and teach. 

Though we are warned not to do our work, by the grace of God we continue our Gospel efforts today. ~Adam*

Our place is one of the most affected by the flood and my church members are still suffering very much. On the other hand, there are people who are now more open to the Gospel. A natural disaster causes people to fear and wonder. Then they want to listen to our preaching and teaching to understand. ~ Nicholas* 

I have received the new motorcycle from you. This is was what I have prayed for many years. God answers my prayers. ~ John*   

As our loved ones (Buddhist people) have come to the knowledge of salvation, we have all been persecuted in many ways. Relatives cut off their relationships, and sometimes we are beaten. Parents force their children not to go to church, and forbid them to go to Sunday school. During the flood, when the government help came, the believers did not receive help since conservative Buddhists were in charge. ~ Zachary*   

The Lord answered our prayers to win souls and plant two churches in two places. A house fellowship has been started and bible study as well. ~ Thomas  

Doing ministry among the Buddhist community itself is a challenge. Three times I was called by the monk of a certain village and given a warning not to preach. Also, some of the believers are called away by the monks, and are warned about being sent away from the village. ~ Jacob*  

I feel that the more we are opposed because of Christ, the more we see His fruit.  

I face persecution directly and indirectly. Many dirty things are thrown into our worship place, people make noise near our worship place while the worship is being conducted, and the new believers are made to fear so that they will not join the worship service etc. ~ James*

We are always opposed by the non-Christian community. Once, when we were in a village where services had been conducted in the last two months, we were stoned and one woman got seriously injured.  ~ Paul*

The 9 year old son of a Buddhist widow became seriously ill in the month of August. The widow mother had no more hope to recover her son, and so finally came to me and asked me to pray for her son. I went to their house and prayed for her son. On the first day, nothing happened, and the second day, the same. But on the third day, her son was getting better and slowly recovered from his sicknesses. The widow mother was so happy, and now learns the Word with us. She is one of the faithful members in our church. ~ Stephen* 

Last year on Christmas night, some non-Christians stoned us during our service. We spent that night in each of our homes, and we could not continue our service. By the grace of God, no one was harmed. 

But how wonderful it was to see two of those who had stoned us accept Christ in March of this year. Praise God! ~Seth*  

We work in village ministry among the Buddhist community, and there were many challenges, such as the new believers being forbidden to go to church. Some were beaten and cut off from their community relationships, with family and leaders telling them to leave the place. ~ Thomas 

One Buddhist man was very seriously sick, and there was no more hope for him. I just went to him and asked his family, if they would allow me to pray for him. They said yes. And I stood up and asked the Lord for healing for this man. After praying for a week, that man was healed. He became saved and has joined our church. I also saw God’s provision as He answered my prayer for having a new motorcycle. 

Thank you! Praise the Lord! ~ James*  


Please pray for me and my congregation to be safe from the hands of Satan.  

Each of our partners ask for prayer over their plans for the next six months. Plans to continue discipleship, plant churches and prayer groups among new believers, and raise up new pastors and missionaries. They ask prayer as they go home to home and village to village as they share the Gospel.  

Here are just two examples of six month goals which have been set:

My goal for the next six months of my ministry is to visit three new places to conduct evangelistic meetings, to place our Gospel tracts in the hands of at least to 300 people, and to start a fellowship church in one or two new places. ~ Timothy* 

I am planning to conduct a bible seminar, evangelistic meetings and some spiritual retreats for the believers and unbelievers. ~ David*  

We also ask prayer over one of our leaders, who will be having her second child this month. It will require a surgery, which costs a lot and requires a long recuperation. 

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Visit our Ways to Give page to continue your support!

Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep. ~ Romans 12:15  

* Names changed for safety