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Harvest Bridge

A Look Back; A Step Forward

Dr. George Van Campbell ·

Dear Friends,

As a charter board member for Harvest Bridge, I am writing to you as we prepare to take a major step forward. We want you to know what we are doing, why, and how you might be involved.

The vision began 10 years ago in 2007, when Dr. Tim Mech made his first trip to India for an academic conference. 

God answered the prayer of a friend that He would open a great door for missions, using Tim. 

Tim met a local pastor and missionary in South India, and that meeting blossomed into a friendship through which God used Tim to create an effective mission agency which has grown into an international organization with 260 foreign partners in eight countries.

God has gifted Tim in entrepreneurship. 

In 2006, he co-founded Deep Springs International, a winner of the Templeton Freedom Award for social entrepreneurship. 

The Centers for Disease Control says, “The Deep Springs model is the only household water treatment program in the world that focuses on providing water treatment to the poorest of the poor with a full cost-recovery, sustainable business plan.” 

The World Health Organization called Deep Springs, “…the most successful community-based household chlorination program worldwide.”

Harvest Bridge likewise bears Tim’s fingerprints. 

Tim started the ministry with $1,325 and has worked energetically for ten years without pay to get Harvest Bridge to where it is today. The ministry model is as innovative as that of Deep Springs. 

We labor where Christians are few, poverty is rife, and needs are great, utilizing existing facilities, so that each dollar goes far. 

A key to our success is choosing reliable indigenous partners who know the language and culture and have proven able to accomplish much with meager resources.

Our current US staff was selected using the same standards we apply overseas. 

Our employees volunteered for HB for several years, gave generously to our ministry, and visited Asia multiple times without pay. They proved their commitment and calling by being highly effective without any compensation. As full-time employees, we pay them modestly, but they have dramatically increased both the quality and quantity of our ministry.

God’s abundant blessing has brought us to a critical juncture. 

Harvest Bridge has grown too large to be led by a volunteer leader. So Tim will be retiring from his job as a professor at the end of this school year to focus on growing HB. We would like to pay him a modest salary.