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Prayer for the Persecuted Church 2018

Kate Therese ·
"Remember the prisoners as if chained with them—those who are mistreated—since you yourselves are in the body also." ~ Hebrews 13:3 

Sunday, November 4th is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

As you know if you have been following Harvest Bridge for even a short time, the majority of our indigenous missionaries in all eight countries where we work are persecuted for their faith. Persecution can take the form of physical violence, being rejected by family, rights bring taken away, having family or friends threatened, and many other manifestations. 

We would like to share a few stories of persecution and prayer requests from our missionaries that we've received just in the last few weeks.


"Many people are opposing our ministry. Once, while we were preaching in one of the village areas, the locals opposed us and used bad words toward us. But God has helped us with the ministry all this time.

My main ministry requests are to please pray for my ministry, fellowship, and church services. Due to the new anti-conversion law in our Hindu country, many people have stopped coming to the Church and many are backsliding. Please pray that these people can come back in faith and to fellowships. Public preaching has also been a challenge for us."

~ Binsa*, 33-year old female missionary in Nepal


"After the end of my class at the college, I was sharing with my friends why and how I am getting good results in all of my subjects. My answer to them was that I am depending on my Jesus, and He helps me to raise my strength for studying the books a lot, though I am also spending my time sowing His word to the villagers. 

When my Muslim friends heard this, they became angry on me. They made a plan to attack me the next day when I would arrive to the college. I found out about this, but I doubted they would do it to me. On the next day, by their anger because I am a Christian and bearing His name, they attacked me. When they were buffeting and punching me, I was tolerating this, thinking that Jesus, He tolerated more and more troubles and tortures for us. 

I forgave them and I took this matter to the administration. They did not do anything as positive action for me, because we are a minority here. So, pray for me."

~ Jovan*, 27-year old male college student and missionary in Bangladesh

Sri Lanka

"I started a new ministry in a village. I can’t share the name of the village, but the village people, along with the village leader, they forced me to stop the prayer meeting and other work and threatened my ministry people and my family." 

~ Asiri*, 50-year old male missionary in Sri Lanka


"We are not allowed to gather for fellowship. As the election is coming up, we are not allowed to make any kind of gatherings, including for marriages. So we have to meet in two or three families. That is one challenge we are facing at the moment. 

We are not allowed to bury the dead. No burial ground is provided for us. We have to take the bodies to India to bury them there.

We are not allowed to freely share the good news to anyone.

Pray for my nation, that God would open the eyes of our Buddhist authorities so we can have freedom to worship."

~ Druk*, 45-year old male missionary in Bhutan


"There was no direct persecution in this time period, but it has been difficult. All my relatives left me and were discouraging me to leave the ministry because they do not understand my faith. My children do not support me. But I have decided to follow Jesus till the death and do the ministry which my husband left and handed to me. In my life there are a lot of times when I am facing many problems...

Still, I am praising God. God is helping me in every aspect of my life, especially in this critical situation following my husband’s death. This is my humble desire and vision that even in this situation, I want to become a great godly woman, an example for many families, and be faithful in this hard situation until the last day of my life."

~ Myra*, 70-year old woman in India who has continued her husband's ministry after he passed away

Thank you for joining our South Asian brothers and sisters in Christ through prayer and support!

*Names changed for safety