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A Family Can Rebuild Their Lives with $55.

Kate Therese ·

When an event moves out of the news cycle it is easy to forget the long term effects it may have had.

The floods in South Asia have changed people's lives.

Hundreds of villages have been wiped out. Thousands have been displaced, lost their livestock, or lost their livelihood. Families are stranded, and many are mourning the loss of a loved one. 

But there is hope.

We have partners on the ground in Pakistan and Bangladesh who can help a whole family for a month with just $55, or $7 to help one person.

This provides necessities such as food, clean water, hygienic items, and more. The supplies last a family for a month, but the impact is long term, and will last long after the flood stories have left the news.

It means that instead of living hand to mouth, a family has their necessities, and therefore can start immediately rebuilding their lives.

They have the time and resources to seek medical attention, rebuild their home, look for their livestock, or restart their business. So with that $55 you can help a whole family restart their lives!

The project is run by our indigenous partners who have shown themselves faithful in the past. In Pakistan they have helped thousands after flooding, earthquakes, and drought, and been trusted by such organizations as UMCOR and World Relief.

In Bangladesh our partners continually help their neighbors back on their feet, even when they have also experienced devastating loss. They've been trusted by Samaritan's Purse, Global Commission Partners, and many individuals and churches. These men and women are on the ground, and can provide follow up. They know the needs, they know the language, and they can empathize in a way only insiders could.

Please, come alongside these faithful workers, and help families back on their feet. Remember, with just $7 you can help an individual, and with $55, a whole family! Thank you!

Note: There is a small credit card fee so that the full amount you give less than that fee will go straight to this project.