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Encouragement from Nepal

Kate Therese ·

We've been encouraged by how many have heard the gospel and accepted Christ in the last several months in Nepal! Between March and August of this year, over 1500 men, women, and children, accepted Christ through our partners's work. 

That is not just a number. Those are real people, with truly changed lives. Praise God. Here are just a few of the many encouraging stories from our national partners:

"A believer by the name of Parbati* went to fetch water from the well. She was attacked by non-Christians, but after one month those people who attacked her came to the Church and asked forgiveness from her and expressed their faith to follow Jesus" ~Amita*

"There is a Hindu man by the name of Manish* who is 21 years old. He was a student who was studying in Kathmandu, alone, far from his family. He had no peace, and a restless life. He was so sad. He was just about to commit suicide when we met him and shared the gospel of God to him. He listened to us and we gave him our church address. We have followed him up to become a strong believer. He became a Christian and is baptized. He has brought many people to the Lord. Now he has peace in his life. He is also a church leader." ~Ram Kumar*

"When we minister in tribal areas, non-Christians oppose our preaching and they try to beat us if they find us alone. One day our church leaders were preaching the gospel to the village people, and some non-Christians called the witch doctor and tried to cause a lot of trouble. But after a month, that witch doctor came to our Church. He renounced all his chanting and secrecy, and followed the Lord." ~Jyoti*

"There is a Hindu baby girl by the name of Ritu* who is just 18 months old. She had suffered from malnutrition since she was 14 months. Her family had totally lost hope that she would live. They took her to many doctors but not a single doctor could heal her. I and my friend had preached to them, and after Ritu's condition grew worse the family remembered us. They called us for prayer as they knew that Jesus would heal Ritu. We prayed for the baby girl, and after some weeks she became well. Now the whole family are Christians, and they also bring many people to the Lord, and come to the church regularly".  ~Bijay*

There are so many more stories, and we would appreciate your prayer for our new believers. With so many new believers, spiritual warfare increases, and therefore, persecution. Many of these believers will be outcast from society, and family. Many will be denied rights, face beatings, and receive death threats.

Pray for these new believers, and pray for our pastors and missionaries who serve them

Here is a very common prayer request from our Nepalese partner's: "Please pray for my ministry among the people. Please pray for me that I may humble myself to accomplish great things for our Lord, and that I may have power from the Holy Spirit".

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!