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December 2015 Newsletter

Tim M. ·

Dear Friends,  

Merry Christmas! In this season, we celebrate the coming of our Savior, who brought peace and joy into a broken world. Through the Body of Christ, this divine mission continues. 

What better way to celebrate Christ’s birth than by supporting His ongoing work?

Our Asian headquarters in Chennai, India just endured one of the worst floods in the city’s history.

Buildings that house our granite brush and sanitary napkin businesses, which employ and empower the poor, were seriously damaged. The home of a key partner was submerged in 11 feet of water. The girls’ dormitory of the Children’s Home had to be evacuated by boat and the girls relocated to a church.

Food prices have more than tripled.

The damage is immense, and we have no financial reserves left.

These needs are urgent and obvious. In comparison, Harvest Bridge’s ‘routine’ work might seem ordinary or less important. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

In a typical month, for example, our 220 indigenous missionaries baptize about 300 people. At least twice as many commit their lives to Christ!  

Each month, our child sponsors provide food, shelter, and education to 49 children. Over 400 children attend after-school programs we sponsor, and more than 1000 were enrolled in school through our partners’ efforts. In the past year alone, over 3000 people received disaster relief and 2500 benefited from long-term economic development programs. In a typical month we also receive about 25 testimonies of remarkable answers to prayer, especially healings. This just scratches the surface of our ‘routine’ work.  

While the needs in Chennai are pressing, they are not the only serious needs we face. Most donations we receive are designated for specific purposes, not our ongoing work. Unless we are able to raise dependable monthly funds for our ongoing ministry, we will need to cut fruitful programs.

Many live by the motto of practicing random acts of kindness, and give when they feel emotionally connected to a particular need or opportunity. This is important, but 

  we also need people who practice routine, strategic kindness by supporting our ongoing ministry!  

If you are giving regularly, even sacrificially, please accept our heartfelt thanks! If you have been considering making a donation or signing up to support us regularly, now is a very good time. We need your help to respond to the crisis in Chennai and to sustain our ongoing work. Join us in bringing peace and joy into a hurting world.

Many blessings to you this Christmas and always,

Tim M., 


P.S. This Christmas, you can make a wise investment in the ongoing work of Harvest Bridge in honor of a loved one, then let them know by sending a note. Visit our Ways to Give page to find out how.