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Dear Priya

Lindsey R. ·

Lindsey is a Grove City College student, currently interning with Harvest Bridge. Lindsey wrote the letter below to one of our missionaries in South India. Priya* is a prayer warrior, evangelist, teacher, mother, and wife. We are humbled to come alongside her ministry. 

My Dearest Priya,

One week in your home changed my life and I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful things you taught me about God and life. You have made an impression on my heart and I will never forget you and your daughters and all the wonderful memories we shared while staying in your home.

I still remember the first time we met and how we sat on the floor of your house and you openly shared your testimony and how you came to accept Jesus Christ and your conversion from Hinduism. I knew you were someone I wanted to get to know better as you told me about your prayer life, and I could see how closely you were walking with God daily. 

I am so glad God in His sovereignty planned for us to live together as we became sisters in such a short amount of time.

I truly respect your relationship with Christ and the desire you have to share the gospel with everyone you meet, and how bold you are about your faith. 

I was actually thrown off my guard when you asked me some very straightforward questions about my personal faith that no one had ever asked me before. But it is because of your boldness that God has used you to be a light in your community, to your neighbors who are mostly Hindu and Muslim. 

You told me that you once had a vision of yourself as a lighthouse. And I don't think that could be any more true than it is in the ministry you are doing in your home. Children are flocking to the school and women are inspired through you ministry because they see a light in you. 

That light is Jesus Christ. Keep shining and lead these people home.

You taught me more about the importance of prayer. Hearing your story of how your family was transformed from Hinduism to Christianity all through prayer shows just how powerful it is. 

It's incredible that a neighbor was praying for your family, and that after your sister converted it started a chain reaction of praying for the next family member to accept Jesus. All the way until your entire family had been converted, entirely by the work of the spirit. 

I get goose bumps whenever I hear your pray, and even though it's in Tamil, listening to you speak to God with that much passion makes me want to be right there next to Him with you.

I also dearly wish that I could have been there for the moment when you, your sister and your mother began smashing and breaking all the Hindu idols after you had converted. I would have loved to see the looks on your neighbors faces as they watched this family with a Hindu temple in their living rooms, smashing and throwing the idols away! That must have been quite a scene!

Something else I will remember is you saying that our God is a disciplined God. And we need to be disciplined in our Bible reading and prayer, because the only way we are going to hear God's voice is when we are seeking Him daily. 

I think it's incredible that you wake up every morning at 4:00 a.m. to pray and read the Bible. You said in our sleep cycle is when our bodies are the weakest and so you've chosen to look to God at your weakest point. I hope to some day be able to work towards that.

I thank you for so many girly moments and for being the one to take me shopping for my first Indian sari. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I smile when I think about you making fun of my American accent, the times we spent together in the kitchen cooking and laughing about how we each had experiences where the cows had scared us outside the window of the bathroom. 

I love you and will hold these memories close to my heart.

I hope that we will see each other again after I leave India this summer. With my full heart I hope this will come true. But if for some reason it doesn't, I will keep my promise that when I get to heaven, I'll have Jesus bring me to my Indian sister.

Love Always,


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*Name changed for security