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Chennai Floods 2015

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Throughout the month of November and into December, Chennai, India's fourth largest city, has been inundated by incessant rain. The flooding is the worst the region has seen in over a hundred years. 

This city of over nine million people in its metropolitan area has seen hundreds die, thousands stranded, tens of thousands without basic necessities, and millions reeling from the trauma. Only last week did the waters slowly start to recede. 

Chennai is where Harvest Bridge began eight years ago. Although most of our Indian missionaries are in the northern part of the country, we have several faithful partners there, including our Asia Director, Pastor James, and Prabha, director of GATE

Buildings that house two social enterprises suffered major damage, as well as the girl's dormitory of the Children's Home run by our partners. The girls were evacuated by boat in order to bring them to safety. 

Thousands of families in Gypsy and Tribal communities throughout the city are in desperate need of supplies. They are often last to receive help due to their low caste, if they are helped at all. Many gypsy and tribal groups live in makeshift housing that was obliterated by the floods; it is hard to overestimate how devastating the past month has been for them.  

We are working with and reaching out to other NGOs, but we need your help too. Please consider a gift to our First Responders Fund, which will allow us to come alongside our national partners and their ministries most efficiently and effectively in this time of crisis. Please let your brothers and sisters in Christ know you stand with them. 

Please continue to pray as well. God Bless!