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Bhutan Stories from 2015

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God is doing exciting things in Bhutan! Below are stories of God's grace, of miracles, of everyday ministry, and persecution in the field from 2015. These testimonies from Bhutan include the extraordinary, but you may also find them surprisingly similar to your own, or to someone you know. 

We pray they encourage you in your own walk with God.

Pastor Levi*

"Mr. Kumar* is 34 years old. He belonged to a Hindu family. He was very much addicted to drugs, and due to that he stopped working. He just fought with his family for money. His whole family was in a sad situation because of his addictions.

One day his wife came to prayer and requested us to pray for her husband. We all prayed for him and asked her to bring her husband to Sunday service. Then Mr. Kumar and his wife came to prayer.

We all prayed for him and God touched him. From that moment he left his drugs and gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Now he and his family are coming to church and have taken baptism!"

Pastor Thomas*

"A man named Neten*, age 28, comes from a Buddhist background. He has been the leader of his village for the past 5 years. He has been suffering from a heart problem for the last 3 years. He and his family members spent so much money on doctors and medicine. There was no improvement in his health.

One of our church believers met him and shared the Gospel and asked him to come to our church. The next day he came to our church with his family members and we all prayed for him.

After our prayer he was completely healed and delivered from his heart problem. He believed this happened only because of prayer.

He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, and now comes to church regularly, and is waiting for baptism."

Brother Samuel*

"Some people came to stop the prayer meeting, telling the people not to gather or else they would excommunicate them from the community.

They said there would be persecution on us. But we praise God that we are still doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Brother Adam*

"Mrs. Pani*, age 56, is from a Hindu family; she is married and has two children. She suffered from cancer for the past couple years. She had consulted many doctors but there was no improvement....only money and time was wasted.

One of the church believers who lives in the same flat told her about the Gospel. After hearing God’s Word, she came to church the next day.

We all prayed for her and after a few weeks she was totally cured from cancer. After this miracle in her life, she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior and comes to church regularly with her family."

Brother Benjamin*

"Mr. Ram* is 27 years old and belongs to a Buddhist family. He was affected by evil spirits. He went to many doctors and took many treatments, and he went to many black magic people but nothing worked, and he was not healed.

One day he was brought to our prayer fellowship by one of his relatives, who was a member of our church.

Then we, the whole church prayed for him and he was healed. He repented and gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

He accepted the Lord as his personal savior and took baptism. He is now an active member of the church and attends all meetings."

Pastor Samson*

In a certain village local leaders opposed us while we were preaching. But God helped us to conduct a revival meeting at my church. The believers are refreshed through that.

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*Names changed for safety