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Urgent Prayer: Attack on Christian Couple in Myanmar

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UPDATE (2-4-16): From Pastor Paul*

"I met the couple today and they were so encouraged by the concern and help which they received from us. The pastor is still feeling pain in his stomach and is still weak. He cannot move by himself yet. His wife is doing very well.

Here is a word of thanks from Pastor Levi*: 

'It was such an encouragement for me and my wife to receive help from you. Your help is so wonderful and helpful for our medical expenses. Praise the Lord for your help and may God continue to bless you. Please continue to pray for our full recovery and the legal costs. Thank you so much.'"

UPDATE (1-25-16): From Pastor Paul*

"I am so glad to inform you that the pastor and his wife are doing better and will be back home from the hospital within a few days.

Thank God for His healing hands upon this couple." 

(1-18-16) We received the following news last night from Pastor Paul* in Myanmar (Burma). It happened on January 16th. Please pray.

"Pastor Levi* and his wife were tortured at their house last night. Four people of an anti-Christian group entered their house with knives and they covered their faces. The pastor got a serious injury at his stomach in three places and his wife was seriously injured in her head.

They were brought to the general hospital with the help of the believers in their church. It was reported to the police and the police are taking care of the case.

The pastor is 62 years old and his wife is 57 years old. I was very close to this couple and we have a great burden for this family. 

Please pray for their complete recovery and that such persecution may not be continued in our land.

Thanks for your prayers!"

*Names changed for safety