Although our ministry in Pakistan is smaller than in other countries, it is making a deep impact. Our greatest focus is in supporting a school in Eastern Pakistan. This school has been providing free education to poor, orphaned, abandoned, and exploited children in Pakistan since 2012. It is a Christian school, but it employs both Muslim and Christian teachers and enrolls about 90% Muslim and 10% Christian students. Although small, the school has set an example of what it can look like for Muslims and Christians to work together, and it has caused the Muslim community to give greater respect to the historically marginalized Christian community, while opening doors for the Gospel. 

In 2020, our partners carried out small-scale food distributions under COVID-19 lockdowns, reaching several dozen families with a month’s worth of food. In the economic fallout of COVID-19, helping children with school supplies and equipping the school with cleaning supplies made it possible for dozens of children from poor families to continue their education. 

Capital: Islamabad

Population: 212 million

Religion: Muslim 96.0%, Hindu 1.8%, Christian 1.6%, other 0.7%

Persecution Watch List Country Ranking: 5

Ministries: Hope Through Education,

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