Kashmir is the newest region where we work. With a population of 13.5 million, this region is located in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. Since 1947-48, when the newly-independent nations of India and Pakistan fought their first war over which country the Muslim-majority princely state of Kashmir would accede to, the portion of Kashmir controlled by India has been governed according to Article 370 of India’s constitution. Article 370 granted Kashmir substantial political and economic autonomy. However, in August 2019 India unexpectedly revoked Article 370 and placed Kashmir on strict lockdown to quell protests against the unpopular move. Just as this lockdown was beginning to be eased, the COVID-19 pandemic struck and prompted further lockdown. 

Kashmir is divided into three regions. Jammu is majority Hindu, Ladakh is majority Buddhist, and the Kashmir valley is majority Muslim. Our main leaders, Peter* and Sarah*, and the other pastors and missionaries we support are working in the Kashmir valley. The majority are from Muslim backgrounds, and so are well equipped to reach their staunchly religious community with the love of Jesus. They also know the dangers they face in following Jesus. 

In 2020, our support made it possible for local believers to provide several weeks’ worth of food and necessary hygiene supplies to 500 families – roughly 3,250 men, women, and children. These believers planted two additional Bible studies, and 13 new believers were baptized after deciding to follow Jesus. 

Capital: Srinagar & Jammu

Population: 13.5 million

Religion: Muslim 68.31%, Hindu 28.44%, Sikh 1.87%, Buddhist 0.90%, Christian 0.28%

Ministries: Pastor TrainingWomen’s Empowerment & Social Enterprise

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